Thursday, July 11, 2013

American Crafts: The Story of Sharing

Good morning! I created this layout for one of my monthly American Crafts projects and it was very quick to put together because of the patterned paper I used for my background from the Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm collection.

We took these photos of the girls this spring with the daffodils and it turned into a lesson about sharing that was really cute. If you have more than one kiddo, you know that learning to share is an everyday effort. And with twins, it can be more of an issue. The girls have a built-in best friend and a built-in "enemy" - ha! Nora has mastered epic pouting - girl turns around and puts her head down dejectedly and walks away. Gets me every time! :) So these photos are just too sweet to me and I'm so happy this was a moment captured.

Besides the background paper, everything else on this layout is stickers and embellishments! 

Lots of bits and pieces here to make this fun - mostly Lucky Charm!

Thanks for visiting today! I have been so miserable the past few days with a head cold. Just as I thought I was turning a corner with the vertigo I have had for 5 weeks, bam - let's throw something else into the equation! I also have one sick with a high fever, and I am hoping and praying number two does not get it too. So, our house is not a lot of fun right now. I hate colds anytime of the year but there is something about a summer cold that makes me want to throw a pity party for myself. :) 

Have a great day! (I'll be resting up!) :)


  1. I really like the amount of pictures you used to tell this story--WONDERFULLY done!

  2. So cute and sweet!! Love it!

  3. Love this! Great colors, awesome photos + story! :)

  4. Such a cute layout! I love those colors. Your girls are too adorable. Sorry to hear about your vertigo and illness. I know someone else right now who is suffering from vertigo and she doesn't seem to know why!


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