Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stich Fix Review #6

Hello again! Stitch Fix box #6 has arrived! This time around I asked for polka dots, florals, lace, etc. in the form of blouses, cardigans, skirts and dresses. I also mentioned that I was looking for a fall jacket. Mia was my stylist this time around. My items ranged in price from $28-$68.

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Here is what I received this month:

1) Miilla Saxon Asymmetrical Zip Jacket - The material is a soft, brown suede. When I requested a jacket, I was more looking for something fitted in a military style that I could wear outside for fall. The jacket they sent did not meet my expectations whatsoever. I did not like the asymmetrical cut at all - it just looked like it wasn't fitting me properly. The style card showed tanks underneath but I have no idea how you are supposed to show off anything underneath when it has an asymmetrical zipper. Fail!

2) Renee C Greyson Pont Swing Skirt - I really like the length of this basic, black skirt. It's a nice thicker knit material. I was maybe hoping for something with a little more pizzazz. But, I need to inventory my closet and see what I already have for black skirts before I make a final decision.

3) Under Skies Zelda Front Pocket Plaid Blouse - I had actually pinned this blouse on my Style board on Pinterest that I found on ModCloth's website, and my stylist noted that in my letter. I really like the colors in this one - very pretty for fall. 

4) Fun2Fun Donovan Dot Print Tie-Neck Blouse - I asked my stylist for polka dots and she delivered! I really like this navy blouse with tan polka dots and that bow-tie neck is adorable!

Here is a close-up of of the details of this blouse so you can see the neck better. 

5)  Caramela Astera Printed Cross-Front Short Sleeve Top - This top was a big disappointment to me! It felt like a scrub top and was not very flattering at all. I was also not a fan of the print. I wish I would have received a cardigan or a dress in its place. Fail.

Hmmm... so overall, I know right off the bat I will not be buying all 5 pieces. I do not like the jacket or the short sleeve blouse at all. I very much like the plaid blouse and the polka dot tie-neck blouse. I am thinking about the black skirt. What do you like?

Note: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. I used my own money for the styling fee/items. But, I do earn a referral credit if you sign up via my referral link.


  1. I like the same pieces that you like - and I love the length and drape of the black skirt. :)

  2. How much is the polka dot top? I'm trying to get an idea if the prices are the same for everyone.


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