Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm baaa-aack!

Here's a layout I did with the November Paper Posies kit! One of the last times I was home I went through old Halloween photos. I realized then that mom didn't take pictures of us every year so I think that all the photos on this layout are the only ones I have. Luckily, I have pictures of the first year I dressed up and the last year I dressed up (I was 16!).

This week has been good for me! I've let a lot of things slip through the cracks the past month or so (I really believe it was daylight savings time that did me in) and now I'm getting back on track. I've been keeping up with my house and even doing some scrapping! I was pleasantly surprised to get a publication request e-mail from Paper Trends especially because I didn't submit anything to them for this call. They want a card I submitted a while ago...yay! :)

Well, I better get moving! I just finished my morning cup of coffee so it's time to start my day! Have a great Thursday! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

The windy city

I'll be sharing some more work over the next couple of days. This was a layout I created using the October Paper Posies kit that I never got around to sharing on my blog.

What a weekend! Wednesday it was snowing here in Des Moines. It was beautiful and the first snow we've had. Luckily, we were able to make it to my mom and dad's okay. We had Thanksgiving at grandma and grandpa's Thursday afternoon/night and then hung out and watched movies - Transformer's and Hairspray that night. I got my hair done on Friday and it's now a little closer to my original color - not quite as much blonde. I like it to be a little darker in the winter time. We came home Friday night and went to Target and did a little Christmas shopping and a little Glen and Jill shopping. We bought a whole bunch of movies for super cheap (around $4). I've been dying to get The Holiday and that's one of the movies I bought. Saturday I went to Marshalltown for my cousin's 10th birthday party and mom and I shopped a little bit at the mall. I've been wanting some dangly earrings so I bought a few pairs. Sunday we had church and then I did some cleaning, some relaxing and some scrapping!

I guess that it's for today! Enjoy your Monday! :) I'm off to drink some coffee and then hit the gym!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Overwhelmed with emotion - adoption update!

Yesterday was our adoptive parenting class. The class was incredibly overwhelming. We've got our work cut out for us in the next few months. I almost cried during the class about 5 times. I have never been more convicted that we are supposed to adopt than after yesterday. After the class was over, I just sobbed.

Okay, I know I've mentioned this before but I have to create a scrapbook that going to be part of our family profile. A coincidence, right? Considering how much scrapbooking is a part of my life? We found out yesterday that not only do we have to do a scrapbook but a video and a designed family profile sheet. MY HUSBAND IS A GRAPHIC DESIGNER AND CREATES VIDEOS FOR A LIVING!!!! I also have a background in video production and writing. The scrapbook, video and family profile sheet are ways the adoption agency presents families to pregnant clients. At the moment that we learned this, I knew in my heart that God gave us these specific talents for the very reason that we were supposed to adopt. Isn't that just amazing? I'm just soooo overwhelmed about all of this. I didn't break down until we left the class but one of the things they told us was that the music choice makes the video. The first thing Glen said to me after the class was that he was going to write and perform the song for our video. I started bawling! Glen doesn't sing or anything like that but he writes the most beautiful music on the piano. He's going to write a song for OUR BABY! How cool is that?

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better today and definitely more rested since I went to bed around 11 last night. On a different note, what was up with the Bachelor? I couldn't believe what happened last night...definitely didn't see that one coming!

Have a great Tuesday! :)

Monday, November 19, 2007


First of all, I've been promising some new work for a LONG time so here's a new project! I used the November Paper Posies kit to create this paper mache box that I've had sitting in my stash for a long time. I am totally in LOVE with Glimmer Mist and used it on the box with a paper doily as a stencil. I used various papers from Daisy D's and some lace from Making Memories. I love the rich, vintage colors and how it all turned out.

Today, I am just exhausted. I'm finally starting to feel a cold coming on. I've been fighting it off for about two months and I think I wore my body out enough that it can finally take hold. The last month is starting to take a toll on me. I've had so much going on that other areas of my life have been neglected far too long. I haven't scrapped in weeks and I'm really starting to miss it. There have been a bunch of publication calls that normally I wouldn't want to miss, but I haven't done any work to submit. My house is a mess and things that I would usually stay on top of are slipping through the cracks. I'm in need of a break!!! And, after's going to happen!!! We have our adoptive parenting class this afternoon and then I don't have anything else planned for a while. I'm even letting myself miss Bible study tonight. We're headed out of town on Wednesday night for Thanksgiving and won't be back until Friday afternoon. Usually I'm really excited for the holidays but I can't wait for Christmas to be over this year. The Christmas decorating, baking, cards, shopping, etc. seem to be too much for me right now. Maybe I'll feel more like my old self after a couple days of rest and relaxation at mom and dad's....I sure hope so!

Have a great Monday! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NEW Lucky collection from Rusty Pickle!

Just when I thought Rusty Pickle couldn't come up with anything better, they're just releasing a brand new collection called Lucky. I absolutely LOVE the colors...I've never seen anything quite like this for St. Patrick's Day and the Irish! I'm excited to get my hands on it because I'm already envisioning the cards I'll be able to make with this!!!

Okay, I know I promised I was going to get some work posted but I have just been way too busy to do anything else. I have some projects that need photos taken of them so I really do hope to get up something new this weekend. To be honest, I haven't felt much like scrapping. I've either been too busy, haven't felt well or been too tired! I do have some projects I need to do before the end of the month so you should be seeing some new work soon. Speaking of busy,
I am in need of some quality time with my hubby. He's been putting in tons of hours at the church working on the new lighting and sound systems for the new building. We've both had really off hours too. He's up at the crack of dawn and I'm still sleeping. I've been a night owl and up until midnight or so every night while he goes to bed early. It will be nice to start acting like we're married again SOON!!! :)
Last Friday, I was able to speak at my church's annual coffee house night. I woke up Friday feeling TERRIBLE! I think most of it was exhaustion. I had been keeping late hours working on it and it just kind of caught up with me. I felt really sick and then I started to get nervous. It all spiraled out of control. Finally, the only thing that worked was to listen to workship music. I was a bum most of the day getting ready for the night and praying over what I was about to do. Then, when I was getting ready to go I dropped my blow dryer in the toilet! It wasn't plugged in or anything but I still needed to blow dry my hair. The worst part was I just did the same thing about 2 months ago. My mom arrived soon after I did it so she was able to run to Wal-Mart to buy me a new one. (My new blow dryer is no longer above the toilet...I think I finally learned my lesson!) We had around 250 women attend the coffee house night. We were all crammed in there and it was soooo hot! I was glad I was wearing black because I was pouring sweat! :) I think I was most nervous that I was going to cry uncontrollably, but God gave me the greatest sense of peace while I was speaking. There were several times that my voice was really full of emotion and I was teary-eyed (especially at the end), but I didn't break down. It really was a fantastic experience and healing for me to share what I had been through. I keep laughing now thinking back at how people were gasping as I was explaining the process. I was like, "Yeah...I really went through this...I'm not kidding!" :) One of the things I kept thinking about was how my birth mother might have been sitting in the audience. It gives me chills to think about it!
Anyway, I have a busy weekend ahead. I might be cropping at Archiver's Friday night, but if I don't, I'm hoping Glen and I can go on a date. Saturday, I have a work event and I'm hoping to do some Christmas decorating. Sunday, I'm helping throw a baby shower for one of my best friends. We also have young adult fellowship Sunday night. I'm sooooo ready for Thanksgiving and a break from the busyness of life!
Have a great Wednesday! :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


No work to share yet, but I PROMISE I'll get something up by Friday. How's that? :)

Last night, my women's Bible study group met and talked about the fear of intimacy and the fear to be ourselves. I wanted to share a couple thoughts about our discussion with you today...

I have quite a few friends that I share intimate details about my life with - friends that I grew up with, friends from college and friends from church. I would say that I'm usually pretty transparent with my life (probably too much sometimes). With these people, I'm not afraid to say what I'm really feeling. Within this group, I might have some people that I might not share exactly what I'm feeling, but they know my opinion about everything from clothes to politics. We're still really tight. Then, I have people in my life that I'm generally acquainted with - we might talk about the weather and what's been going on - but nothing too deep.

God desires a relationship with us that's on the deep, intimate, emotional side of things. You might say, "God knows everything already so why do I need to tell him?" I've thought that way too, but He really wants us to talk to Him. When we verbalize what we're really thinking and feeling, we become vulnerable to Him. Our vulnerability allows us to experience growth in our faith and a change in our hearts. Last night, I was convicted to talk to the Lord more. I also felt God calling me to deepen some of those relationships that seem superficial right now. How can I find intimacy in my relationships with other people? It's so easy to get caught up being comfortable with the people I spend a lot of time around, but God wants us to find new people to encourage and build up as well.

On another note, sometimes fear can hold us back from using the talents and gifts we've been given. We read verses from Exodus last night that really spoke to me. Have you ever been in a situation where you've had all the skills to do something, but you weren't willing to do it? Or vice versa, you were willing to try, but had no experience whatsoever? I really believe that God has given me the passion to be a mother. Because I haven't had the opportunity yet, it has made me feel like somewhat of a failure. As hard as it may be for me, I feel like God has called me to help out my friends with children. He wants me to serve them by giving them a break. I didn't have a willing heart at first, but now I do. I feel that I have gift in this area, but because I couldn't use it in the way I wanted to, I wanted nothing to do with it. Hmmm....something to think about, right? I'm thankful God has given me a change of heart.

Last night, I was up until 2 a.m. I had some coffee when I got home from work and I was just wired! I did it on purpose but I was thinking I would be in bed by at least midnight. I can't believe everything I was able to get done. I'm only hoping my productivity will carry into tonight becuase I have tons more to do!!!!

Have a great Wednesday! :)

Anyway, enought

Monday, November 05, 2007

Time for a real post!

I don't have any new work to share yet, but I promise I'll get something up in the next couple of days.

My friends, Libby and Nate, removed life support from Baby Eve on Tuesday but amazingly she was a little fighter and breathed on her own until the Lord took her home Wednesday night around 11:00. I've been busy doing what I can for them the past week or so. I brought their mail in and have coordinated food so that they will have a meal coming in every night for the next few weeks. I was super surprised when Libby gave me a call Saturday morning and asked me to help her with a little project. The hospital gave them the most amazing 3D cast of Eve's foot and hand and she wanted to decorate it before the memorial service. I didn't really know what to expect so I gathered up a bunch of supplies and went over there Saturday late afternoon. I'll just say that being able to help her with this project was one of the most humbling and honoring things I've ever done. It turned out just perfect - feminine, simple and dainty. She loved it! It was one of those times that I was grateful God has given me a passion for scrapbooking. He used me to minister to my friend in a way that no one else probably could. The next few weeks and months will be difficult for them, but I'm glad that I can be available to help them through it.

My sister was here this weekend and we had a good time. Jen used to live with us for about a year and I really do miss having her here. She was a great compliment to our little family and her and Glen get along great. We got on each other's nerves a few times but we really had a lot of fun when she lived here. Anytime she comes back to visit, I tell her I want her to move back in! We actually did some shopping on Saturday afternoon before I went over to Nate and Libby's. She needed a few things so we headed to the mall. Now, it's important to realize that my sister hates shopping. Usually, I would much rather shop with my other sister, but this shopping trip was actually fun. I tried a few things on too, but most of the didn't look quite as good on me as it did the mannequin which we had a good laugh over. I helped her pick out some new clothes and she came away with about $300 worth of stuff. We had to do some bra shopping for both of us which is never fun but we both ended up with purchases so that was good.

Sunday I did some grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning. My scrap room is a mess so I made a huge dent in there but I'm still not finished. I can see the floor now which makes a huge difference! :) I also stayed up late last night working on something for this coming weekend. I have been asked to speak at my church's annual fall women's coffeehouse night on Friday. I'm really excited about sharing our infertility story and how God is going to use that story to touch other people. With everything that's been going on the two weeks I haven't been able to work on it like I would like but time is starting to run out. I feel a lot better after I worked on it last night.

Well, I better get moving. I can't believe how much stuff I need to do today...:(

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I've been tagged...

by my fellow Rusty Pickle Chef, Casey...

1. When I'm trying to fall asleep at night, I move my foot. I have no idea why I do it, but I always have. I can't remember not doing it. It just makes me fall asleep.

2. Pickles actually make me gag! I can eat them on a hamburger but otherwise, I'm completely grossed out by the smell of them.

3. I love to fish! My dad taught me how when I was a little girl. I'll put the worm on the hook and take the fish off and everything. It's probably the one "boy-ish" thing I'll do.

4. When I was in high school and college, I wanted to be the next Katie Couric.

5. I collect Willow Tree angels. Seriously, my house is full of them. I used to think they were ugly (since they didn't have faces and all), but they started to grow on me and now I love them!

6. When I was in 5th grade, my nickname was "Miss Environmental." Why? I was allergic to almost everything in the environment - grass, trees, pollen, etc. (Kids can be so cruel!) Kind of ironic that I went on to work for my state's environmental protection agency right out of college, huh? :)

7. I was a Tupperware lady for a while. My mom sold it in the late 80's and we used it all the time. I loved the stuff so now my cupboards are full of it!

I tag.. Jen, Steph, Tracey, Mou, Allie, Jenny


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Look for a "real" post from me tomorrow! :)

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