Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News from Upsy Daisy Designs!

I've got lots to share from Upsy Daisy Designs! Amanda released 4 new lines for CHA. My favorite of them is Cupcake (I have one of the papers pictured here). To see all the lines, just click: Cupcake, Vroom, Flutter, Tweet

Amanda is also looking for two new design team members. Click here for details.

Finally, visit the new Upsy Daisy Designs Blog for contest information and design team projects. I'll be posting something new on the blog this Friday.

I had an insanely busy weekend. My grandpa and grandma celebrated their 50th anniversary with a huge party. It was fun but a ton of work. I went to the state tournament yesterday with my family. We went out for breakfast first and then went downtown. I saw tons of people I went to high school with. It was an exciting day but the team ended up losing.

By the way, if you're local and free this Saturday I'm teaching again at Memory Bound. I'm teaching two classes this time around.

I haven't been feeling the best the past couple days. I've been having headaches, an ear ache, the chills and stomach issues. I felt really bad today so I came home early from work to rest. Glen has been sick for about the past month so I'm hoping I won't get what he's had. I can't believe how bad both versions of the flu are going around.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a couple cards

*** card removed for publication***
Here's a couple cards I created in the last couple of days using Rusty Pickle's French Market and School Daze lines. I think of all the Rusty Pickle products French Market has to be my absolute favorite. I love the rich colors and it matches my kitchen perfectly. I started working on a project using this line last night so when I get it wrapped up, I'll post it.

Watched American Idol last night. Some of those guys can really sing-loved the rockers, Michael Johns and David Archuleta for sure, the dreadlock guy was really awesome. Can't wait to see the girls tonight.

It's like -7 here this morning. I'm wearing a light blue button up shirt today and trying to think it's springtime. When it hits 40, I 'll think it's a heatwave. :)

Well, off to write and record my radio programs.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I let out an actual squeal this morning!

I'm giddy with excitement! Today during my morning visit to the Twilight Lexicon, I came upon THESE pictures!!! If you haven't gathered it by now, I am pathetically obsessed with the Twilight series - reading and re-reading the books and reading and re-reading tons of fan fiction - all in the name of waiting until August 2nd for the release of the 4th book, Breaking Dawn, and the release of the Twilight movie (as of right now in mid-December). Never in my life have I been so drawn into a series of books. If you haven't yet read these books, please do yourself a favor and READ them! So, if you're wondering what the pictures are above, they are photos of the newly cast Cullen family in all their vampire glory! Let me just say, MAJOR hotness on the part of the male Cullens and if you've come to know the characters on the intimate level that I have you would understand why I'm so excited. Photo #2 has them all looking very predatory - makes me wish I was the piece of meat they were stalking! LOL! :)
Anyway, enough teenaged-girl gushing from me today! :) Major news on the hometown front. My Exira girls' high school basketball team has made it to the state tournament! Very exciting for my little town of 1,000 people. I have the day off Monday so I'm definitely going to the game. I feel as though this win has been building since my days in high school - not that I was on the team, of course - but I was cheering them on with my fellow cheerleaders!
I've been working on some projects for Rusty Pickle the past couple days so I'll be posting them soon....one project I was especially pleased with! I just thought the Cullens deserved the glory today. HA! :)
Have a terrific Tuesday! :)

Friday, February 15, 2008


Just when I think the Pickle can't get any better, they go and release these! Yes, folks, those are rub-ons in all their glory! (Someone on 2peas posted this photo to their flickr account so I swiped it for my blog.) Can't wait to get my hands all over these!

Did you have a good Valentine's day? My sweetie got me a gift certificate for a pedicure which was a nice surprise since he doesn't normally do things like that. I watched Lost (and called my sister in between commercials about 4 times) and did some computer work. I have an uneventful weekend ahead which is fine with me. My Saturday plans got postponed so now I'm free to clean and catch up on some scrappin'!

Happy Friday! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, I seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth after my last post. We have been super busy! First things first, here's the last two sneak peeks of Rusty Pickle's new lines for CHA. The first one is called White Chocolate Bunnies and it's a new take on the Chocolate Bunnies line. The other line is called Pop Star and it's a fun black and white doodling line designed by the fabulous Rusty Pickle Chef, Rachelle Minett. Each paper is named for the characters in High School Musical...how fun is that?

We worked on our video project that's helping pay for our adoption and had video shoots all day Friday, part of Sunday and Tuesday. We're only halfway done shooting it too! Videos are hard work especially when you're trying to do them the right way.

I've slowly been working my way through my scrap room cleaning and organizing. I'm trying to get rid of a lot of stuff I just don't use.

Last night, I took a Zumba class with a friend of mine from work. It's a Latin inspired cardio dance class. It was sooooo fun...I didn't even realize I was working out although I was sure sweating enough to be burning a lot of calories!

I'm totally pumped about American Idol...the top 24 are amazing this year so it should be a good season! And my favorite show Lost is on tonight...yay! Thank goodness the writer's strike has ended because I have been missing Grey's! I guess it's a good thing I haven't been holed up in front of the TV with the strike but I do try to multi-task while I'm watching my shows!

Well, have a great Valentine's Day with your sweetie! We're not going out tonight because the restaurants will be too busy so we're celebrating next week! :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Under the Stars

Here's another Rusty Pickle sneak peek for our new line called Under the Stars. I love the possibilities with this one - camping, fishing, traveling, hiking, anything outdoor related, Father's Day, etc. Love the colors in this one!
I finally made it to work this morning. We got 8 inches of snow and they weren't recommending travel when I woke up so I did some things around the house. The roads were still crappy when I drove in. Better get busy...I have much to do as today through Saturday are insanely busy! :)
Stay warm!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Praise the Lord!

First of all, our formal adoption application was APPROVED! At this point we have a ton of paperwork yet to do including 10 pages of essay questions that Glen and I BOTH have to fill out. We need to have physicals and go to the police station to be fingerprinted. I'm overwhelmed with everything we have to do but so thankful we made it past this step!

In other news, the first picture you see here is a sneak peek of Rusty Pickle's new line called Gametime. Yep, it's that time again! CHA is this weekend in Anaheim and I'll have sneak peeks for you all week long!!! The muted browns of this line are great for other projects other than sports-related. If you want to keep up, be sure to visit Rusty Pickle's blog (www.rustypickle.typepad.com) this week.

I've also included a photo of a card I made using the Island Summer line from Rusty Pickle. Love the fun colors of this line! I'll tell you what...I wish I was the hula girl on this card right about now. We are getting hammered with snow and have more on the way. I'm so ready for spring!

Have a great night! :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

A fabulous weekend!

Love me some Rusty Pickle Petit Cherub! If you haven't seen this line, it's fabulous! Why? It's for baby boy, baby girl and gender neutral - you're completely covered if you purchase this line!

I had a very productive weekend which isn't over yet for me since I don't work on Mondays, but I had plenty of time for fun too! My sister spent the weekend with me and she was a big help. We caught a matinee on Friday AND Saturday. Friday was 27 Dresses - absolutely adorable movie! I definitely want to own this one since I'm a sucker for romantic comedies! Saturday was The Bucket List - good movie but kind of depressing. I did some not-so-fun cleaning in my kitchen. Organized and cleaned out some cupboards, cleaned out the fridge, that kind of thing. I also spent a lot of time in my scrap room. I decided to completely purge and clean my room. I have kits and paper, etc. that have been sitting around and I know I'm never going to use them. My room is getting a complete overhaul! I'm going to sell lots of scrap stuff on Craig's list (hopefully) and put it all toward adoption expenses. I've got some pretty good stuff I'm selling for way cheaper than what it retails for so if you might be interested in checking out what I have, let me know! Sunday, I reluctantly watched the Super Bowl (actually I just stayed in the same room as my hubby and sister and surfed the Internet!) I wasn't feeling very well yesterday afternoon and evening so I just hung out and rested and went to bed early. Oh yeah, Jen and I also rented a couple movies (can you say movie marathon weekend?) - Waitress (which was phenomenal) and In the Land of Women (this was pretty good...it had Meg Ryan (who I love), Adam Brody (a total cutie) and Kristen Stewart (who is playing Bella in the upcoming movie, Twilight that I can't wait for). All in all, a great weekend and I actually got some things done.

Have a great Monday! :)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Yikes! I'm up late!

I haven't shared a layout in a while so here's a new one from me using Rusty Pickle's Snowflakes & Mittens line. I also used some fabulous Rusty Pickle chipboard and beautiful vintage German glass glitter that I picked up at the Rose Mille in Stillwater, MN last fall. We take a photo together each Christmas so I always make up a layout and add it to our Christmas album. I think I'm all caught up now! I'll be sharing some more Rusty Pickle soon as well as the February Paper Posies kit.

This week has been pretty busy. I moved offices at work today. I've gone out to the movies, had Bible study, watched American Idol and then planted myself in front of the TV tonight to watch Lost. I also finished our formal adoption application on Monday, which was very exciting. We both have physicals scheduled and are awaiting to hear of our approval. If you want to pray for us, here's a few specifics you can be praying about: 1) approval of our formal application; 2) for financial provision (we're starting to pay as we go step by step); 3) for preparation of our house for our home study (I need to do some deep cleaning); 4) for wisdom and time to work on our video and scrapbook (I need to make 4 duplicates of our scrapbook that will be shown to prospective birthmothers). Thanks for all your positive thoughts and prayers! I'm planning on spending the weekend cleaning and organizing my scrap room so I can get started on that part of the process. You might also pray that I have a productive weekend! :) My sister is coming to spend the weekend with me and help out. Of course, we're going to have some fun too...we're probably going to catch a movie!

Have a great weekend! :)
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