Monday, October 19, 2009

Been a while!

I have been one busy mama! The girls are growing so fast and are such a joy! We started solids at the beginning of the month and they are getting the hang of it pretty well. Lily is my good eater! Nora is a little more cautious and not sure about the foreign substances mommy tries to give her but she gives it her best shot. Both girls are now rolling over. We have been dealing with some pretty severe eczema on both girls and in the last week they developed staph infections so we've been keeping them home and have a regular pharmacy around our house. It's so hard for me to see my little girls in pain. Nora has it worse than Lily so I've been giving her a little extra cuddle time. Poor babies! They also decided not to sleep through the night for a while which was a nightmare. It's funny how quickly you get used to sleep and then when it's taken away from you, it's so difficult to function.

I forgot to share the projects I completed during the month of September for GCD Studios as their guest designer. I had a great time working with their Party It Up collection and coming up with different occasions and themes to use it with. Thanks to GCD Studios for the opportunity to work with their products.

Well, I best be getting busy today. Lots to do as always and I'm craving some apple crisp! :)
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