Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Overcoming the "What-if's"

We had an awesome women's Bible study last night. As you may have read on my blog before, we're going through a study called Overcoming Fear by the Women of Faith speakers. Last night, we talked about overcoming our fear of the future and fear of rejection.

One of the greatest truths I was convicted about was concerning the "what-if's." It's something we all struggle with as we think through situations. We constantly ask ourselves "What if this happens?" as we make decisions. But, God shows us through His word and promises that He is bigger than any "What if" we might have. What we need to think about is what God CAN DO instead of what "might" happen.

In the Bible, God used so many people to do great things. For example, Noah was asked to take a leap of faith - to follow God into the unknown by building an ark. The result of his obedience was amazing - God saved him and his family from the great flood. God also asked Mary to carry a child. The result of her obedience was life-changing for all of us - she bore the only Son of God, Jesus Christ. The next time you are plagued with a fear of the "what-if's", try asking yourself - "What CAN God DO?" Those simple words might just make a huge difference for you! :)

Have a great Wednesday!

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