Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is probably one of the most exciting things I will ever share about on my blog - our adoption journey has officially begun!!!! Yesterday, we completed the online preliminary application, our essays are finished, we have signed the statements of faith and we have a letter of reference for our pastor. I'm dropping the essays, statements and letter into the mail tomorrow and then we wait for the agency to contact us to start the formal application process. I'm excited and nervous and can't believe that we are finally doing it! Various people have been asking us how the process has been coming and now we finally have something to tell them! I'll definitely keep all of you posted on how things go!

Speaking of getting things done, yesterday afternoon I worked from home and got major headway on some writing I needed to do. I felt so productive that I actually got caught up on some e-mails, did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, made dinner, and then sat and scrapbooked with my November Paper Posies kit while I watched Dancing with the Stars. Yesterday was a good day! I know it's been a while since I have shared any project photos so I'll be sure to post some later this week. I am getting super excited about our upcoming trip...I'm hoping to reward myself with a couple new shirts since I've been pushing myself to work out a lot. :)

Have a great Wednesday! :)


  1. Congrats Jill! I hope the process goes smoothly and quickly for you and your husband. You are in my thoughts!

  2. How exciting! Keep us updated on how things are going! I know you'll make a great mom.


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