Monday, October 15, 2007

The most productive weekend!

Wow! I'm sitting here just reflecting on everything that happened this weekend, and I'm just amazed I got so much done yet was able to get some relaxing in at the same time!

Friday morning, I went to the scrapbook convention. I was actually pretty surprised there was so many people there that early in the day. There weren't too many booths so I thought I wouldn't find anything to buy. Of course, I was wrong! :) I can usually find something to buy. I bought a few sheets of the new Scenic Route Salem line, some new Doodlebug, some new American Crafts thickers and rub-ons, some new colors of Stickles, a few acrylic shapes, and some twill ribbon. I know it sounds like I bought a lot, but I actually got out of there without spending too terribly much. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to buy some of the new MME from a store. I grabbed several sheets of paper and a couple paper packs and stood in line before I discovered that the store owner was writing every single item down by hand! The two ladies in front of me had STACKS of patterned paper and journaling cards. I would have been in line for an hour! I decided I'd rather go home and shop online after that experience!

Friday night we went to Red Lobster and had endless shrimp! Yum! On the spur of the moment, we decided to go to Ratatouille. It was such a good movie and I noticed a lot of new things they're able to do with animation now. Then, we came home and watched Knocked Up that I had rented earlier in the day. It was not what I was expecting due to the language, which was disappointing. It wasn't just one or two words - the whole movie was full of it. It did have a couple funny parts, but I was just turned off by the language.

Saturday morning, we ventured into very dangerous territory - Wal-Mart! I hate going to Wal-Mart, but sometimes it just must be done. We went a little later than I normally like to go - usually you have to be there by 8:00 in the morning. It took forever because I decided to get my weekly groceries too. Then we had problems with the self-checkout. It ended up being a quiet afternoon. I did a bunch of laundry, put some dinner in the crockpot and worked on a major scrapping project. I even went to the library - haven't been there in a while. I decided I want to start reading a lot again so I went and found a great book to start with. I also got Season 1 of Little House on the Prairie on DVD. I love to watch movies while I'm scrapping and I LOVE Little Hosue on the Prarire! I have 7 whole seasons I can watch!

Sunday was church and then I typed up some project instructions (watching movies while I worked) and then shipped off a huge box to Utah. I worked on some more projects while I watched my Sunday night shows and then finally fell into bed!

I'm so happy I got a lot done. We're busy with Bible studies the next two nights so I won't be able to do much at home. In fact, I better get moving this morning! I got up early so I can get a lot accomplished before I head into work!

Have a great Monday! I'll share some Paper Posies projects soon!

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