Friday, March 29, 2013

My First Stitch Fix!

Hello! I am so excited that I received my very first Stitch Fix box today and I had to try everything on right away and blog about it. I have been reading about Stitch Fix on a lot of blogs lately and wanted to check it out for myself. So, what is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers a truly personalized Fixof accessibly priced items directly to doors across the United States. Stitch Fix hand picks pieces for each client, to ultimately help them look and feel their best.
I actually love to go shopping but with two kids and limited time, it's usually a rush and hurry situation. Basically, what you do to sign up is fill out a Style Profile (sizing, body shape, likes and dislikes, etc.) and pay a $20 styling fee when you schedule your Stitch Fix. The styling fee allows Stitch Fix to choose 5 items for you and shipping is included. You try on the items, buy or return anything you want within 3 days (in a prepaid envelope) and the $20 styling fee goes toward anything you buy. The items are mostly ones that you could find in boutique stores and the quality is definitely better than what you might find at Gap, Loft, Old Navy, etc. I have definitely become pickier about what items I want in my closet and the whole idea is just FUN to me!

So let's get to the good stuff. What did I get????!!!!

I should also mention each item comes with a tag that shows two ways to style like this:


1) Kensie Lola Ankle Length Skinny Jeans ($88) - My first thought was "Wow!...white jeans. Wonder how that will work with two kids?!" I had asked for a pair of skinny jeans to try on and this is what my stylist sent.

2) THML Pollock Bow Back Sheer Blouse ($48) - I mentioned that I love romantic styles of clothing so this sheer somewhat floral blouse definitely fit the bill.
And here the items are on: I paired them together for the heck of it. I really like the blouse a lot. I usually wear more form-fitting tops but I just like this one. I put a tank underneath (not necessarily the one I would wear. And I'm kind of torn on the jeans...I like the fit for the most part but I'm just not sure if off-white would suit me. Maybe if they were in black?

3) dRa Casius Contrast Collar Sheer Top ($68) -  First of all, I have a hard time paying $68 for a blouse. Secondly, I am pretty fair skinned so white tops are not necessarily something I wear. Maybe if it was in another color?

And then I tried it on. Um. Yeah. So not feeling the nun maternity top look. What do you think? But I paired it with cute polka dot pants I just bought. 

4) Tulle Delanie Floral Print Self Tie Dress ($78) -  First thought was that I LOVE it. I had asked for a red dress in my style profile and I mentioned I had found one Stitch Fix pinned on instagram. But they didn't send me that exact dress.

Here is a look at the print close-up. The tag says the dress is red but it almost has an orange hue to it.

When I put it on though, I really LOVE it even more. It is very comfortable and I feel it fits really well. So I am torn on this one too!

5) Pretty Persuasions Space Dye Infinity Scarf ($38) - And I was also sent this scarf as my accessory. It's a burgundy and cream color. I wasn't a fan.

But of course, I tried it on. I just threw it on over the dress. Nope, not keeping this one. I don't think I am much of a scarf person - they make me feel claustrophobic.

Right now I am deciding between the sheer blouse and the dress. What is your favorite?

I'm going to think on it over the weekend and decide Monday when I return the items.

I would love it if you want to try out Stitch Fix. It was such a fun experience and it was a way to try on and potentially purchase items for myself that I might not give a second glance or even have the opportunity to buy. If you use my referral link, I can earn a $25 credit if you sign up. Note: I am not in anyway affiliated with Stitch Fix and used my own money for the styling fee and items.


  1. The dress is super cute on you! I'd keep that piece. :)

  2. I like the dress too! It looks great!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. My vote is for the red dress. The dress and color look great on you!

  5. I love the first outfit the best! The sheer blouse and skinny jeans look great on you!

  6. I LOVE that dress! Looks so good on you! I can't wait to get my first "fix" :)

  7. The first blouse is really cute! I feel you on the white, though. It's not the best color on me, either. That red dress is really cute, too.

  8. the first blouse is YOU! great pick.


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