Monday, April 01, 2013

Simple Stories: Just Me & My Grandma

Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I can't believe how quickly Easter came up this year and where, oh where did the month of March go? So much happened in March that I wasn't able to do all my usual Easter prep with the girls but that's okay. I still might do a few activities with them after the fact. I started physical therapy on my calf last week and I'm hoping it makes a big difference. It's been so frustrating not being able to do my usual activities but I am trying to take it slow and be careful. Thanks for all of your comments on my Stitch Fix post. I ended up deciding to keep the blouse. I did like the dress but I wasn't overly crazy about the print for the price. It was such a fun experience!

Today I have a new layout to share with you using some of my favorite Simple Stories Sn@p products and the brand new embellishments (which I love!) My layout is all about Nora and her grandma. No, not either of her grandmas or her great-grandma but her imaginary grandma. Some kiddos have an imaginary friend but Miss Nora has an imaginary grandma. I caught her drawing a picture several weeks ago and asked her who it is was and she quickly answered "me and my gwandma." I knew immediately who she was referring to because she has been talking about her"gwandma" for months. Nora's "gwandma" lives in a yellow house and drives a yellow car, and Nora even has her sister in on the game because Lily also talks about "Nora's gwandma" all the time. If you ask what grandma's name is, Nora simply fires back "My OWN gwandma." Not Lily's, but hers. :)

Here I layered a sticker with one of the new chipboard embellishments and a new brad in the center.

I love mixing and matching the Sn@p alphabet stickers for my titles.


I am also really loving the new flair included with each collection. This Polaroid cut from patterned paper already had a heart on it so I simply covered it up with the flair button.

The entire Sn@p brand is perfect for capturing everyday moments and events. I know I will always cherish this layout of Nora and the story about her "gwandma."

Have a great day!


  1. Gotta love the imagination of little ones!! What a fabulous page!!

  2. oh my ADORABLE pictures--GREAT layout!


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