Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend recap and a project!

Here's a layout I created using the August Memory Works Express kit - the featured products were from Imagination Project - I am so sad to hear that they are going out of business. I really loved their new office products line. Anyway, the photos are from our Chicago vacation and how I challenged my fear of heights by going on the Navy Pier ferris wheel! :)

We had a busy weekend - my mom and sisters were here for one last girlie get together before they all head back to school (my sisters are in college and my mom's a 4th grade teacher) - we ordered a pizza and helped my youngest sister shop for a new TV and DVD player. I did some scrapping and made cards this weekend - I'll share soon!

We also went to the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday afternoon - it was incredibly hot! Silly me, I wore jeans, thinking we would be inside listening to the candidates speak. Nope! We were outside most of the time! We were there supporting former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. We stood in line for quite a while and ended up being on the floor in Hilton while Gov. Huckabee spoke. I was very impressed with him and his views.

I definitely vote conservative for one very important reason - I value life! I cannot support a candidate who is not pro-life. I feel strongly about this issue for a very personal reason - Glen and I have been through so much to have a child that I cannot understand why someone would want to end an innocent life. I have pictures of the embryos (our babies) that were conceived as a result of our tries at in vitro fertilization. They were alive even from that microscopic stage! Gov. Huckabee is a brother in Christ and is pro-life...for that reason I support him!

Anyway, we have a busy week! We only have one vehicle so it will be a challenge today, Tuesday and Wednesday getting to and from work. Our van broke down - it needs a new fan assembly ($$$). Definitely not something we needed right now as money is tight. I was saving some of the money I received from a couple publishing gigs so I had to add that to the family pot. I did get a new check this weekend so I hope to use that on some of the new products coming out from CHA. I have my eye on a couple specific lines that I am dying to get my hands on!

Have a great week!

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