Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm so tired today!

This is what I did all day Saturday. By the end of the day, I was a little whiney! :) We got up early and picked the corn from the third of an acre my dad had planted. He didn't cultivate the patch of corn though so we were walking through tons of weeds. It was a kind of a hot job and my legs and arms were extremely itchy afterwards from walking through the weeds. As you can see, we filled my dad's pick up full of corn. And, this was all just from the one corn patch. He still has another one left so he's going to call his friends and tell them to come take what they want.

My dad and Glen husked the corn for us and flash boiled it for 5 minutes outside in a large canner that was hooked up to a propane tank. Thankfully, this kept all of the hot outside instead of in the house. My mom and I cooled the corn with water and ice (mom said this keeps it from souring when you bag it). Then, we cut it off the cob into cake pans and then bagged some quart size (for a family) and pint size (for 2 people) bags. We made 88 bags of corn. Yes, that's right 88 bags.

Yesterday and today, I have been nursing a very sore right wrist. My wrist first started hurting when we picked the corn because you kind of have to twist it off the stalk. Then, the motions used for cutting the corn are very tedious. So much so, that I started saying I had "corn wrist" from the cramped position my hand was in.

I know I will appreciate the yummy sweet corn this winter, but it's such hard work! I was thankful to be done. Mom and dad took us out for supper afterwards and we had the BEST prime rib. Yum!

Yesterday, we both took a nap in preparation for the American Idols concert at the Iowa State Fair! The concert was sooooo good! I felt like a giddy groupie, but I was just so excited to see all of them together in concert. They each sang solos and then did several numbers of guys and girls together. The one person I could have heard and seen more of was Blake! He was sooo awesome. I could listen to him beatbox all day long. I would definitely pay money to see just him in concert. I'm a crier and cried when Lakisha sang "And I Will Always Love You" and when Jordin sang "Broken Wing." Just beautiful! It was soooo good and we got home way too late so I'm super tired this morning. It doesn't even feel like I had a weekend.

I've got lots to do today before I head into work this afternoon. We desperately need groceries and I have a couple scrappy projects to finish up. Have a great Monday! :)

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