Friday, January 17, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #8

Happy Friday! I have another Stitch Fix review to share with you today! I had a bit of credit and my birthday is next week so I decided to treat myself to a "birthday fix." I asked for the usual polka dots, florals, lace, etc. in the form of dresses, blouses, cardigans and skirts. Maggie was my stylist again this time and she did a great job! I probably will not do another fix for quite awhile but I would request her again. My items ranged in price from $38-$88.
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Here is what I received this month:

1) Daniel Rainn Dacey Geo Print Front Pocket Blouse -  I love the fun, funky print on this blouse and the style is definitely a favorite. You can never go wrong with black! I'm loving this blouse a lot! It's definitely in my top two of what I was sent this month.

2) 41Hawthorn Milo Bird Print Pleated Detail Skirt -  I was sent this high-waisted navy bird skirt. I ended up pairing it with a cream lace tank top and a brown belt. It's cute but I'm not sure how much of a fan I am of a high waist. I love the length of this skirt a lot. I would say this definitely fits the romantic style I am so fond of!

3) Under Skies Darren Dot Print Chambray Shirt - I love the polka dots on this shirt and the quality is great! The details near the buttons and the cuffs are a favorite. I also like the sleeves will roll up and you can cuff them with a button. My only dislike - the length of this shirt. I think it's too short!

4) Moon Collection Madrid Floral Knit Drape Front Cardigan - Okay, I must admit this one ended up being a surprising favorite for me. If I could sleep in this cardigan, I would. It's sooooo amazingly comfortable and like being wrapped up in a big blanket. I really love the floral print. This cardigan is also in the top two! I definitely do not own any cardigans like this with the drape front. 

5) 41Hawthorn Kia Keyhole Bishop Sleeve Dress - Well, I definitely love the color and the style! The length is just right. What I don't love is the fabric...I think with dresses that are in a solid color, I prefer to have some texture to the fabric and this has none.

So there you have it! I will take the weekend to decide between the cardigan and the blouse. Thanks for checking out my review! I hope to maybe do another fix this spring.

Note: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. I used my own money for the styling fee/items. But, I do earn a referral credit if you sign up via my referral link.

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  1. I can't decide which ones I like best. They are all really cute!!


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