Friday, September 14, 2007

One down, one to go!

Whew! I worked all day yesterday getting that Rusty Pickle product kit ready to go! I still had to add photos to one of the albums and was sooooo frustrated when I couldn't find the photos I wanted to add to it. Our photos are incredibly disorganized right now....I could just cry. There are two sets of photos from last fall that have vanished. One of which is our family Thanksgiving from last year at Glen's parents. We took tons of photos of Mary and I cooking that I still want to scrap. What I need to do is take an entire day and organize the photos and back them up. It's a huge task but I know it needs to be done. Anyway, after I finally found some good photos to use, I wrote out instructions and finalized my insert and template sheets. It was all in the mail via UPS around 6. I might have a couple things to type up yet, but it's on its way to Utah as we speak. I still have one more class kit to design but hopefully it will go a little quicker as it is modeled after an album I have already created.

After we went to UPS, Glen and I ate at CiCi's pizza. There's nothing like eating at a good, cheap pizza buffet! They have the best cheese bread sticks and I love their salad bar. When Glen and I do eat out, we try to keep it cheap and/or use a coupon. We might eat at a fairly nice restaurant (as in more than $10 total) once a month or so. I'm trying really hard to cook a lot instead of eating out. For me, it's just pure laziness when I don't cook. In the summer, we grill a lot which is so easy. I really like fall and winter though because we eat a lot of casseroles, soups, and crock pot meals.

I made some cards with Rusty Pickle supplies last night and will share soon. Today, I'm working on more scrapping projects and have some submissions to make. Tonight, we're going on a date to the movies! We haven't been to the movies for a while so I'm excited to go! In the morning, I'm headed to a work meeting and then to my parent's house by myself. I'm really looking forward to it! Sometimes it's just nice to be there by myself. I'm hoping to spend some quality time with my sisters. I'm also going to visit my grandparents. My grandma just celebrated her 84th birthday so I want to be sure to see her! :)

Have a great Friday! :)

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