Monday, September 10, 2007

A great weekend and some thoughts on fear...

We had a wonderful visit from Glen's brother this weekend. I won't go into details, but it was incredibly intense and awesome all at the same time. The last time Glen saw his brother was 11 years ago, and I obviously have never met him. It was really great for them to reconnect and get to know each other. He's really a great guy and I enjoyed getting to know him.

We also went to a neighborhood party last night. To be honest, I really wasn't looking forward to it. I'm really trying to work on this, but lately I have a problem being out of my comfort zone and I enjoy sticking around home. I sucked it up and went anyway, and actually ended up having a great time meeting some neighbors I probably never would have met if I hadn't have gone.

In other news and somewhat related to what I just talked about, I bought a new Bible study book called "Overcoming Fear" by the fabulous Women of Faith speakers. I'm not sure if we'll do this as a group study, but I feel the need to do this by myself. In fact, I'm going to start on it this morning. I think my "comfort zone" problem has to do with some fears I have. I have always had a problem with anxiety and I know it's an area in my life where I really have to let God take control. I have horrible nerves, and I truly have to push myself to be in public situations at times. Most of the time, I am comfortable as long as I know someone. During the entire year of 2006 and the beginning of this year, we stayed around home for the very simple reason of eliminating stress in our lives. We went through some very intense fertility procedures that made this necessary. I've become very used to our "hermit" lifestyle and have had some trouble breaking away from it.

At church yesterday, my pastor said something really profound, "The more self-control we give up, the more God can use us." I was incredibly struck by this statement. I'm sure there have been situations in my life where I have just plain out avoided going because of fears I have had. By me avoiding these situations, I'm sure that I missed out on opportunities to build relationships, etc. Hopefully, you understand where I'm going with this and if you're a prayer, you might pray about this for me.

After our weekend, I'm incredibly behind on scrappy projects, so I'm going to get to work this morning before I head into my day job this afternoon. It's going to be a busy week with projects. I had lots of fun mail come this weekend - got some new American Crafts, Melissa Frances, some yummy Bazzill and Prism cardstock, and I got a ton of the new Rusty Pickle!!!!

Have a great Monday! :)

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