Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stitch Fix Review #3

Hello there! I received another Stitch Fix box in the mail today! I have to be honest I was not planning on getting a box this month but I had some referral credit burning a hole in my pocket - so thank YOU for that!

You can read my reviews from previous boxes here: Stitch Fix Review #1, Stitch Fix Review #2. And thank you for stopping by to read my reviews - I was shocked that my last review had over 2,000 hits - I never have that kind of blog traffic! :)

This month, I pinned a lot of items on my style board on Pinterest. I asked again for summer items - dresses, sleeveless tops, etc. I had actually asked for a specific blouse that I had read about on another Stitch Fix review but they must have ran out of it because I did not receive it. I also asked for something with either a Peter Pan collar or a bow tie collar as I have really been drawn to that type of top/dress. Oh, and I should also mention I requested the same stylist - Jen - she is who I have had for all of my fixes. Again, I asked for no accessories. I have decided that I don't want those items in my fixes and would rather pick them out on my own - I don't wear jewelry enough to receive anything in a fix.

Now before I get into what I received I also want to be honest and let you know how Stitch Fix goofed on this shipment. I was scheduled to receive it on Tuesday. I always receive an e-mail letting me know it shipped and I had not received anything by Friday. I was concerned that I would not be receiving it Tuesday because of Memorial Day and I was right! Stitch Fix did not ship my fix out until Tuesday. I was able to talk with someone via Facebook over the weekend but it was a little rain on my parade (ha!) when I so look forward to these boxes.

Onto my items - Now, my envelope on the outside said the items were chosen by Claire as did the paper inside but this time (and this was the only time this happened), I received a lovely note from Jen at the top. So, I'm not sure exactly who styled me but I'm betting on Jen! :) She had obviously visited my Pinterest board so that made me happy! All of my items were in the $38-$78 range = me happy again!

1) Olive & Oak Lexii Mixed Material Button-Up Tank - Very nice quality! The material is a mix of a sheer chiffon (on the bottom) and a very soft jersey material. The tank buttons up and has a nice back collar. I like it but it feels a little blah to me.

2) Olive & Oak Allania Striped Jersey Tank - Another tank from the same company. This one is a racer back with a very nice, soft feel to it. I think I like this one better. It's definitely classic and I like that! But, I do have to say I was a little disappointed on the tops I was sent. The last two fixes I bought two blouses with a lot of color and this fix let me down a little bit. But, I know I don't have anything like this one in my closet so I'm still considering! (I had to add the red flats for a little color and either of them could use a statement necklace for a pop of color).

3) Tulle Mila Printed Sleeveless Dress - This is a navy dress with a bow tie collar (which is hard to see in this photo). The dress is very comfortable but I feel it needs a little something. It's a navy dress with a cream collared confetti print. I like it but it's very similar to a navy dress I already own with polka dots. Also, the size on my paper and on Stitch Fix's tag does not match the size on the dress - hmmmm... so it was little bigger under my arms that I would like. 

4) Darling Lillian Bird Print Pleated Skirt -  I'm pretty sure I am in LOVE with this skirt! I don't have anything like it. It definitely feels like the most romantic piece of the bunch (compared to the classic feel of the rest of the items). I love the color and it's pretty flattering for the most part. I have on a black ruffled blouse and black wedges. The skirt is so silky and soft and hopefully you can tell has a cute bird print. The one thing holding me back right now is the price - it's definitely more than I typically would spend on a skirt. My stylist sent me the skirt because I had pinned a bird skirt from ModCloth.

5) Oxmo Serena Printed Belted Dress - Okay, not going to lie when I pulled this out of the box I was like "Are you kidding me?" and not in a good way. I specifically asked for items that are NOT beige because I have such a fair complexion but THEN I tried on the dress and I REALLY like it. I do not own anything beige or anything snakeskin at all. I tried it on by itself first and then I added a black cardigan which makes me feel like it is more of a classic dress. I could add boots and tights and wear it in the winter if I wanted to. It is SO comfortable! I did a little searching online and discovered Oxmo is based in Denmark. I am almost 100% Danish - do I think it is a sign? YES! Ha! :) And check out that little keyhole on my detail shot - if I had more cleavage it would definitely be risque but I think I am okay. :) This is an instance where I appreciate my stylist so much - I never would have tried this on had I found it at the store!

So thoughts? Help me out! I am a little more open to keeping more than one item this time. In fact, this is the first box I would considering keeping it all but I'm not 100% sure of that yet. Want to sign up for Stitch Fix too? What should I keep, what should I send back?

Note: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. I used my own money for the styling fee/items. But, I do earn a referral credit if you sign up via my referral link.


  1. I LOVE that last dress!!! Just love it. I'm fair too and usually stay away from beige but that looks adorable. Honestly, they are all adorable!! :)

  2. I don't care for the first tank. It's rather bland and straight. The second tank is really cute, I just think you need to wear it with a different pair of pants/jeans. It looks cute on you! I like the navy dress on you, but if its like something you have I would opt for something you don't! The skirt is very cute and if you don't have something like this, get it! I like the whole outfit you put together actually! I love the belted dress on your for a couple reasons. It looks good on your figure, it doesn't really wash you out in my opinion, you just add colors that pop with it. I love the cardigan with it a lot. It's really unique looking too!

    So the only one that doesn't have my vote is the first tank because its not a flattering shirt on you.

  3. Let me preface by saying, the first tank isn't flattering on you because of the tank, not you! :)

  4. You look great in everything! I like the last 3 the best tho :)

  5. I actually love everything they sent on you! I've decided for me, the smartest choice is to either buy only 1-2 items or buy it all (with the discount). That's the justification I'm using for buying all 5 the first time! I would definitely get the skirt...but if I were you, I would get it all!

  6. I think the skirt is a must and the last dress looks super cute with the black cardigan and wedges. :)

  7. You got some really good pieces. That last dress looks nice on you, and isn't it funny that it's not something you would have picked up for yourself?

    Thanks for your advice on my review. I'm going to change some of my preferences. Where do I tell them "no accessories"? In the notes section?


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