Wednesday, April 15, 2009


No new pictures to share today but I wanted to update anyway. We had a VERY productive Easter weekend! We had our ducts cleaned out on Friday. This is something we've been meaning to do for awhile and decided to take a little tax return money and DO it! We've lived in our house 5 years and had no idea if the previous owners had ever cleaned the ducts. Our house was built in 1966. The duct company removed an 8 POUND bag of dirt and dust from our ducts! YUCK!!!! I'm so glad we got this done! Hopefully, it will help with allergies and keeping my house clean! While we were at it, we also had the carpets cleaned in every room except for my scrap room. The carpet should finally be dry so tonight when I get home from work, I'll be putting my house back together.

My mom and dad came for the weekend so we worked on a lot of little projects. I did some major purging, organizing and cleaning. I still have quite a bit to do in our basement but I feel so much better about what I did get accomplished! The babies' room is really close to being ready. I need to hang the curtains and that's about it. I don't have anything on the walls but I won't mess with that until they are here.

The b-mom is now 34 1/2 weeks! We're trying not to wait by the phone but it has me on edge every time it rings! :) We could get a call at any time although I am hoping that we'll get another weekend to work on things around the house!

I posted some new mini kits in my Etsy shop if you're looking for anything themed for family, wedding or Christmas photos! :)

Well, all for now. I better get some more done! Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. I'd be interested in who you had do your ducts-we're in the same situation with bad allergies and no info on if the previous owners ever did anything with them. . . Thanks! Praying for you & Glen,


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