Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh. my. word.

These new pictures from the Twilight movie just give me goosebumps! I am beyond excited for this movie to come out November 21st! I need to start saving my money because I'll probably see it 5 times! If you haven't read the series yet, you've got about 6 weeks to do it! If you love a good romance, you'll love Twilight. I'm definitely an avid reader and it's by far the best romance I've ever read!


  1. OOHHHHH! I got goosebumps too!

  2. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Just Jumping over from Kimmy's blog...... I agree I think I just might read the whole series OVER before the movie comes out! Me and my 18yr old daughter so enjoyed reading them together and talking about it after.

  3. OH YES!!! Can I be Bella for just one day?!?


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