Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall = Tea!

I drink a cup of coffee every morning but I also really love to drink tea. I mostly will have a cup of tea if I'm really cold or starting to get sick. There's a type of tea called Gypsy Cold Care that is fabulous if you feel I cold coming on. That being said I just altered this silver tea tin I picked up at Emma's Paperie using Rusty Pickle's French Market line. You'd think this was my favorite RP line or something??? The colors in it actually match my kitchen to a "T" and I also really love the colors for fall - they're just so rich! These tea tins would make great gifts as well!

I've got a slightly busy weekend ahead - not as bad as last weekend - thank goodness! The hubby is taking me out on an actual date tonight - it's been 3 months since we went out (our anniversary) so we are way overdue! I'm really looking forward to it. I need to run over to the mall today and take some clothes back. I've been on the hunt for dress pants for work/church and haven't quite found what I'm looking for. I wore long pants to work the whole week so I really need to find something asap. I'm planning on scrapping Saturday night as the hubby will be gone! On Sunday, I think we're going to a pumpkin patch after church to celebrate a friend's birthday!

Oh, and before I forget make sure to check out the new full-length version of the Twilight trailer in HD at I've already watched it about 10 times! :)

Enjoy your weekend! The good weather will be gone before you know it! :)

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