Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An ER visit, 2800 miles and a tornado later...

we're back from Florida! :) My life is usually not without drama and the past week and a half has definitely not been an exception. Thursday the 29th (the day we were supposed to fly out) I ended up in the ER for dehydration due to complications from my Celiac Disease. I got an IV with fluids and some meds for nausea and I felt so much better. When I've been really sick before, it seems like I just need a boost of fluids and then I'm fine. Rather than completely lose out on all our money, we decided to drive to Florida instead because our hotel at St Pete Beach was not until Sunday. So armed with Icy Hot patches for my back and some meds for nausea and cramping, we were off! We drove 12 hours to Nashville, TN on Friday and then 12 more hours to Lake City, FL on Saturday. Driving down there was pretty awful, I must admit! Georgia was such a long state to go through. We went through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and then Flordia to get there. It was neat to go through some states we had never been through and the drive between Nashville and Chattanooga is beautiful! The morning we woke up in Nashville I was pretty sick again but we decided to keep on trucking down south.

A 28 hour drive later...we finally made it to St. Pete Beach Sunday afternoon around 2:00 only to find the resort did not have our reservation. Glen and I were nearly hysterical laughing because we felt like we had been through hell to get there. It took about a half hour to get things figured out before we could check in. We brought our things to our room and immediately got ready to hit the beach. I can't even begin to describe to you how beautiful the beach was. The water was a perfect blue color and the sand the purest white. It was warm but not humid and with an awesome breeze. Basically once we got to the beach, our days went a little like this...wake up when we want to, put our swimsuits on and grab a beach tote, get a private cabana, slather on the sunscreen, lay there, maybe get up for a dip in the ocean, lay there. I kept looking around thinking "This is the life!" I read and read every day we were there and got through 3 books - P.S., I Love You, This Lullaby and The Other Boleyn Girl - all of which I strongly recommend. Eventually, we would get some lunch and clean up for the day. Then take a nap, eat some dinner and walk along the beach at sunset. By the second day, I was kind of feeling like maybe I was too bored with nothing to do. We almost took off for Disney the third day but then decided that maybe we could handle doing nothing a couple more days. Seriously, we are go-getters on vacation so for us to stop and not doing anything was almost an anamoly. We did go for a drive to St. Petersburg and spent some time on the Pier and we also drove up the coast to Clearwater Beach. Our resort was really nice so I feel like we chose it well.

I'll post more tomorrow about the rest of our adventure to Orlando and back home. Here's a sneak peek of my top 3 highlights - 1) Being the only woman staying in our hotel...hmmm. 2) Getting hit on by Donald Duck. 3) Taking shelter as soon as we got in Iowa.

I'm still trying to catch up on laundry, unpacking and the 300 e-mails in my inbox. If you e-mailed me, I promise to get back to you soon! Back to real life... :(

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