Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Mmm... don't know what's up with these pictures but here's a couple from Disney. Okay, so after laying on the beach for 3 days, we decided to trek up to Orlando. We stayed at the Buena Vista Palace which was a beautiful hotel, and I don't think I've slept in a more comfortable bed. The hotel was right near Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island. Let's just say there was a big convention going on that made it possible for me to be the only woman in our hotel. It was comical to say the least! *wink* We went to Magic Kingdom the first day and it was just that, magical. This was my very first trip to Disney and I felt 5 years old all over again. I'm seriously the biggest crier and as soon as I saw Cinderella's castle, I started crying. I have never wanted a little girl more than when I kept seeing these adorable little girls all dressed up in their princess dresses. We went on several rides and saw a few shows. We stayed for the parade and the fireworks which I absolutely bawled through as they were completely choreographed to music about wishes and dreams. For someone that's only thought about her wishes and dreams for the past 5 years, it was an emotional moment for me.

The second day we visited Animal Kingdom and went on the African Safari and saw the Bug's Life 3-D show...both of which were amazing! Other than that we just walked around. It was extremely hot while we were there. We finished the day by visiting Epcot which I just loved! It was very fun going from country to country. We had a margarita in Mexico and a beer in Germany! :) Donald Duck also told me to call him in Mexico! HA! We finally got our pictures taken with all the characters in Epcot. Glen kissed Minnie Mouse on the nose and I'll never let him forget the difference between Pluto and Goofy. Yep, he messed that one up! Easiest thing to keep them apart? about checking Pluto's dog tag? :)

After Epcot, we got spiffed up and walked through Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island before we absolutely crashed for the night. The next morning we drove to Clermont to see Glen's aunt and uncle and then headed for home. We drove almost all the way to Nashville before we stopped for the night. And then drove from Nashville to good ole' Iowa the next day. Now, the funny thing is we had PERFECT weather the entire trip UNTIL we crossed the Iowa state line. As we rolled into Bloomfield, the tornado sirens went off so we had to take shelter in a gas station for 20 minutes. The electricity was off and everything! I was shaking so badly as I've never not been home when I needed to take shelter. But, all was fine and we continued home! We missed all the crazy weather in Iowa while we were gone and luckily did not have water in our basement or anything.

Well, I best be getting busy! I'll be back with some projects soon! :)


  1. Sounds like a great time! I so want to do the safari adventure next time we go!!

  2. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Hey, I'm going to Disney in Florida June 21st...sort of ironic...nevermind.


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