Wednesday, January 23, 2008

thank you!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday! I had a fabulous day! My co-workers took me out to lunch and then I came home to several birthday cards in the mail. Glen and I went to Texas Roadhouse (and thank goodness he didn't tell them it was my birthday so I wouldn't have to get on that ridiculous saddle!) and then we did go see National Treasure (which was a wonderful movie). I loved the first one and the sequel was definitely just as good!

Today is also a special day for me and my hubby because it's the 6th anniversary of our first date! Funny story here - I met Glen at a local TV station where he worked and I was an intern over the month of January. He asked me out for dinner but I told him no. The reason? I was dating someone else at the time. Dinner seemed too much like a date and I get super nervous eating in front of people I don't know very well. So we decided to go to a coffee shop after work instead. That was innocent enough, right? Grabbing coffee is something you can do with a friend. Well, it was over our "innocent" coffee date that the sparks flew! We ended up talking until they closed the coffee shop. Seriously like 4 hours or so of just talking! Anyway, we always try to go out for coffee around our's a great reminder of why we fell in love in the first place. :)

Today I'm just itching to do some creative work but that will have to hold off since I'm at work today. Hopefully, I still have the creative bug tonight.

Have a great Wednesday! :)

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