Saturday, January 12, 2008

Holy Molasses!

First of all, here's a couple projects I made with the December Paper Posies kit that I forgot to share and for some reason they didn't get added to the PP gallery. The layout picture is from Christmas 2005. We take a picture of the two of us each year and I make a layout and add it to my Christmas album.

Now the reason my post is titled "Holy Molasses!" is because I stepped on the scale this morning and as of early this fall, I have lost about 20 pounds! You should have heard the scream I let through the house! I am 1 pound away from the weight I was on my wedding day! I have literally been working my butt off at the gym 3 times a week and eating way less along with better food choices. I used to be able to sit down and eat lots of sweets but now after just one cookie, etc., I start to feel sick. Yay! When the weather starts to warm up, I'm going to start running/walking outside again and add in a couple more workouts a week. You have no idea how good I feel! I feel victorious because the weight I put on was because of our infertility treatments. It's really been part of the healing process for me to lose this weight. As I'm getting older, I'm really starting to feel health conscious. Obesity and all the trouble that comes with it - high blood pressure, heart problems, etc. runs in my family. I want to be the picture of health so I can avoid all those problems. Anyway, just had to get my excitement off my chest (and my stomach, thighs, butt, etc.)! HA! :)

Have a great Saturday!!! :)

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