Monday, November 05, 2007

Time for a real post!

I don't have any new work to share yet, but I promise I'll get something up in the next couple of days.

My friends, Libby and Nate, removed life support from Baby Eve on Tuesday but amazingly she was a little fighter and breathed on her own until the Lord took her home Wednesday night around 11:00. I've been busy doing what I can for them the past week or so. I brought their mail in and have coordinated food so that they will have a meal coming in every night for the next few weeks. I was super surprised when Libby gave me a call Saturday morning and asked me to help her with a little project. The hospital gave them the most amazing 3D cast of Eve's foot and hand and she wanted to decorate it before the memorial service. I didn't really know what to expect so I gathered up a bunch of supplies and went over there Saturday late afternoon. I'll just say that being able to help her with this project was one of the most humbling and honoring things I've ever done. It turned out just perfect - feminine, simple and dainty. She loved it! It was one of those times that I was grateful God has given me a passion for scrapbooking. He used me to minister to my friend in a way that no one else probably could. The next few weeks and months will be difficult for them, but I'm glad that I can be available to help them through it.

My sister was here this weekend and we had a good time. Jen used to live with us for about a year and I really do miss having her here. She was a great compliment to our little family and her and Glen get along great. We got on each other's nerves a few times but we really had a lot of fun when she lived here. Anytime she comes back to visit, I tell her I want her to move back in! We actually did some shopping on Saturday afternoon before I went over to Nate and Libby's. She needed a few things so we headed to the mall. Now, it's important to realize that my sister hates shopping. Usually, I would much rather shop with my other sister, but this shopping trip was actually fun. I tried a few things on too, but most of the didn't look quite as good on me as it did the mannequin which we had a good laugh over. I helped her pick out some new clothes and she came away with about $300 worth of stuff. We had to do some bra shopping for both of us which is never fun but we both ended up with purchases so that was good.

Sunday I did some grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning. My scrap room is a mess so I made a huge dent in there but I'm still not finished. I can see the floor now which makes a huge difference! :) I also stayed up late last night working on something for this coming weekend. I have been asked to speak at my church's annual fall women's coffeehouse night on Friday. I'm really excited about sharing our infertility story and how God is going to use that story to touch other people. With everything that's been going on the two weeks I haven't been able to work on it like I would like but time is starting to run out. I feel a lot better after I worked on it last night.

Well, I better get moving. I can't believe how much stuff I need to do today...:(


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