Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Crazy, Busy Summer!

Two days in a row! Yay! :) The rest of the summer is going to just fly by! I can't believe how busy we are in July!

I went to Bible study last night and had a wonderful time. We're going through the Power of Words by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and it is fantastic! An area I definitely need to work on as I can be pretty sarcastic and hurtful with the things I say. I was really convicted that I need to encourage and lift up my family and friends instead of tear them down. I also need to be more disciplined and obedient in my quiet time, which right now is pretty much nonexistent. I need more discipline in other areas of life as well - in cleaning my house, cooking dinner, etc. Lately, it's been too easy to put things off and just relax in front of the TV. I'm very seriously considering making myself a chore chart. I tend to do very well with lists! :) And with the month we're going to have - a little discipline would go a long way!

Last night I spent some time cleaning up my scrap room. It was a disaster from the Rusty Pickle Amazing Race. I need a clean surface to work on and it was pretty bad! I have some scrapbooking to catch up on tonight and then I'm going to clean myself into a frenzy tomorrow. If I have a cup of coffee to start my day, I'll be energized and ready to go!

Have a great day!

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