Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Honest Company Review

Hello! This is a completely different post than what I usually do but I recently tried out The Honest Company and wanted to share a review of the products I purchased. 

(Note: I am not being compensated for this review; however if you do make a purchase at the Honest Company I will receive a referral credit).

I am really committed to eliminating products from my household that contain strong fragrances and chemicals. I have admit I used to be a huge Bath & Body Works fan and I also loved the products from Victoria's Secret. But I came to realize that I didn't like how the products were drying out my skin. The fragrances were nice too but were strong. Almost too strong. And the list of ingredients? I could not decipher them at all. And when I looked them up, I started reading things about the potential for causing cancer. I do not want items like that in my home!

Most of what the Honest Company sells contains plant-based ingredients so they are non-toxic. I looked up the list for each item I purchased so I could see where they come from and more information. 

I tried out the hand sanitizer. It comes in in a two pack. I like that it contains aloe and vitamin E so it did not dry out my hands. 

Next up, the hand soap. This is really why I wanted to try out the company because I was looking for a great hand soap. This one comes in a large bottle and has a subtle lemongrass scent. It has a gentle suds to it too. 

I also purchased the shampoo/body wash combination. I have not used it as a shampoo yet but I do love it as a body wash. The sweet orange vanilla scent is very subtle and it lathers well. I do not feel like my skin is dry after using it. I have also used it on my kids and their very sensitive skin handled it well.

Next up is the laundry detergent. This was an unexpected surprise love! I usually buy ALL free & Clear but again was looking for something without a lot of chemicals. This suds well and I have been really happy with how well it cleans our clothes.

While I was at it, I also tried out the dryer cloths. I'm not too sure what I think about these yet. My clothes still seem to have static but they have a nice scent to them. I need to try them out more before I make a final verdict. One bonus is that each cloth can be used twice.

I bought the toilet cleaner as well. I HATE the chemical smell with most conventional toilet cleaners and this one has a light scent. The Honest Company's cleaner did a great job - I'm impressed!

Finally, my final purchase was the fruit & veggie wash. I have been buying a lot of organic fruits and vegetables but I still like to use this wash to ensure my food is clean before eating.

The easiest way to purchase the Honest Company's products is through their monthly bundle. You can choose any 5 products for $35 a month plus shipping and up to 3 more products for 25% off. I think any order over $50 qualifies for free shipping too. I purchased these products through the monthly bundle and am going to try them out again this month. I am going to repeat a few things because I really like the hand soap but I also have some new things I want to try. You can cancel this bundle shipment at any time and even spread it out to 6 weeks or 2 months if you go into your account. 

I came across a coupon code too (the code expires on September 19th) that will give you 40% off your first bundle purchase: PLUMB2S40

If you have any questions about anything, please let me know! 

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