Thursday, January 12, 2012

December Memories: Final Post!

I did it! I finished my December Memories album. Thirty-one fabulous memories from the month of December.

29) Christmas with Great-Grandma Theresa - Grandma and Great Aunt Linda came to my mom and dad's house for Christmas Day dinner. The girls were eager to share their new babies and doll stroller with them as well as enjoy a Cheeto picnic, courtesy of Grandma.

30) Favorite Christmas Movies & Songs - This was a fun year in that the girls were really able to get into movies and songs. I listed several of their favorites of each plus included an actual DVD into the album. Oh yes, they cracked The Berenstain Bears before they even watched it so we had to get a new copy. I was about to throw it away but then I decided to keep it for the album. And, we are STILL singing Frosty the Snowman around here. :)

31) Happy New Year! - We were supposed to have a party with all of their grandparents but Nora and I came down with a stomach bug so we canceled all the fun. But we were all feeling better on New Year's Day so I pulled out the hats that day instead! I also summarized the month on that final page as well.

Cover - I saved designing the cover until the very end...I just like creating better that way when it comes to mini albums. I spritzed the front of the cover with white Studio Calico mist, used a paper doily, an older Basic Grey transparency from a Noel Mignon kit, a Pretty Little Studio tag, Maya Road wooden snowflake, and a My Mind's Eye "Merry Christmas" banner and brad. I also tied off the top with green gingham ribbon and had to add a jingle bell.

The album is still pretty thick even after removing the pages I didn't use.

Cover page - I just had to start the album with our annual photo in the front of the tree. The girls crack me up with their cheesy grins. :) 

If you want to revisit the rest of my album, please check out the following posts:
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And my thoughts on the process:
  • I am so, so, so happy with the overall album. I loved using the Fancy Pants brag book. It feels more like a journal to me than anything. I was able to combine a lot of photos and journaling in the album.
  • The month of December is just so unpredictable. I ended up sick for the last half of the month. Me being sick = nothing done on the album. And if my kiddos were sick, I also wouldn't have been able to do anything.
  • The first half of the month, I did enjoy working on the pages at night. I felt that it worked better for me to do a couple pages at a time. I liked the structure I decided on: 31 memories, and not necessarily focused on the days.
  • I felt like the project helped me take out my camera more and enjoy the month. It also inspired me scrapping several Christmas pages along the way.
  • Because I didn't get anything done on the album the last half of December, I didn't work on it again until well after Christmas. I had to leave everything out all over my desk and that didn't bode well when I wanted and needed to work on other projects. I'm an all or nothing type of person and I needed to have this album finished before I could work on the next thing.
  • I think what I might do next year is create a "highlights of Christmas album" after the fact. It ended up being a monster of a project that did stress me out which is not what I wanted to happen.
  • That all being said, I am happy that I gave it a try this year. I know I will treasure this album forever!

    Thanks for sticking with me through this project! If you have any questions about anything, please let me know! More to come soon! :)


  1. Yay Jill! I love how your book turned out!

  2. Congrats on finishing your album! It is beautiful, and your family will love looking back on all the memories.

    Your plan for next year sounds good. Less stress = more fun. :)

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