Monday, January 09, 2012

December Memories: 21-24

I'm usually not one to blog so late in the day but I wanted to share more pages of my December Memories album. I'll be sharing the rest of my album over the next three days because I FINALLY FINISHED IT LAST NIGHT! Whoohoo! As I said, I'll be sharing my thoughts on the process when I post the final pages.

21) The Nativity - We bought a Little People Nativity Set this year. I wanted one so much last year but I couldn't find one anywhere so I was just thrilled when I found one right after Thanksgiving. The girls loved playing with it and understanding more about the birth of Baby Jesus. We tried to keep it separate from the rest of the toys so they could understand that it was a special treat to play with it.

22) Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus! - I couldn't tell you how many times we sang "Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus" at our house during the month of December. Towards Christmas, I made the girls special cupcakes so we could light a candle and sing. They loved it, of course. We also talked about how the candle symbolized that Jesus is the light of the world.

23) Waiting for Santa - We made reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter to help the reindeer fly) and left milk and cookies for Santa.

24) Christmas Morning - Our Christmas "morning" celebration occurred on Christmas Eve morning. The girls came down the stairs to see their gift from Santa - a kitchen set. They loved playing with it and wouldn't stop. They also opened their stockings.

More to come tomorrow...

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