Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Favorite Layouts of 2010!

Happy New Year, friends! Today, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite layouts of 2010. I tried to narrow it down to 10 but just couldn't do it. I have other favorites too but some of them are out for publication! :) I feel so blessed to have had some amazing opportunities to work with some of my favorite companies this past year: GCD Studios, Crate Paper and Melissa Frances. In addition, I was thrilled to be able to design for Noel Mignon and Midnight Rooster as well as create several project kits for The Scrappy Gourmet. One of my greatest accomplishments this past year was making it into Creating Keepsakes for the first time! Here we go in no particular order:

1) "We Believe": This one narrowly missed the cut-off as I created it January 4th but it remains one of my favorite layouts of all time. I created it primarily with Melissa Frances products and it was published in Scrapbook Trends' Holiday Idea Book. 

2) "Greatest Love": I created this layout using the Seaside Cottage kit from Noel Mignon. I was looking through photos one day and happened to come across this snapshot of me looking at my girls that I had no idea was taken. This layout is very, very special to me because of the journaling about how much I love being a mother. 

3) "Meeting Nora": This layout is also a favorite because it includes products and colors that I LOVE - pink, lace, pearls, stitching and butterflies. This was another layout with Noel Mignon's Seaside Cottage kit. And of course, the subject matter is important to me too! :) This layout was published in the August issue of Scrapbook Trends. 

4) "Little Miss Attitude" - Oh, Miss Lily. Her quirky little funny looks were so hilarious especially when they were directed your way. This layout was primarily created with Crate Paper's "Brook" collection. 

5) "God Knew: Just Like Mommy": Another Lily layout but about how God blessed us through adoption and ironically with two little girls who look just like their momma! This one was with Crate Paper's "Paper Doll" collection and was published in the November issue of Scrapbook Trends. 

6) "Having Fun Being One": This was one of my favorite layouts for GCD Studios this year - just LOVE the bright, fun colors of the Homespun Chic collection that went so well with my girls in their 1st birthday tutus. 

7) "The Birthday Tree": This layout was created using the "Sweet Sue" kit from Noel Mignon. I love the earthy color paired with black and white photos. My in-laws bought the girls a maple tree to celebrate their 1st birthday and we planted it in our front yard. Again, another meaningful moment that I was happy to capture. 

8) "Grandma's Gowns": This layout is so, so special to me. Way back in 1958, my grandma made my mom gowns for her to wear as a baby. In 1981, I wore one of the gowns in a photo with my grandma and in 2009, BOTH of my girls wore grandma's gowns in a photo with my mom. You see, grandma had created identical cream gowns with pink embroidery, not knowing that more than 50 years later she would have twin great-granddaughters. I love the comparison photos on this layout and it was made with almost all Melissa Frances products. 

9) "Built in Buddies": This layout was created using the Lemonade Stand and Sun-Kissed kits from Noel Mignon. Love the bright happy colors here with these sweet photos of my girls. 

10) "Mama, I Don't Like Green Beans": I just love these photos of Nora trying green beans and hating them. I love the soft colors of the Kitchsy Kitchen collection by Melissa Frances along with the tone-on-tone kraft and doily die-cuts. 

11) "Forever Family": I love using a grid as a design and the "Dear Diary" kit from Noel Mignon was perfect with these photos of the day my girls were officially adopted. Just a moment I'm happy was captured. 

12) "The Great Pumpkin Adventure": Whoa - a two-pager! I ventured back into a few two-page layouts this fall and winter and this was one of my favorites created using the "Dear Diary" kit from Noel Mignon and mostly Lily Bee Designs products. I experimented with mists on this layout and paper-pieced pumpkins. 

13) "Law & Dis-order": This is another favorite layout primarily because it captures our everyday life of pure chaos! Toys strewn everywhere is an everyday thing here! I used the "Sweet Sue" kit from Noel Mignon on this one. 

14) "1st Halloween Highlights": Another grid design using the "Sleepy Hollow" kit from Noel Mignon capturing my favorite moments from the girls' 1st Halloween. 

15) "The Gift of His Dreams": I pulled out the circle and snowflake punches on this layout using the "Bedford Falls" kit from Noel Mignon. Love this photo of my husband as a child receiving his very first synthesizer. 

16) "Now & Then: I Love Cookies": Another comparison layout of little Jill and big Jill baking cookies! Again, used the Kitschy Kitchen collection by Melissa Frances. 

17) "Oh Christmas Tree": This was another recent layout using the "Bedford Falls" kit from Noel Mignon. I just love the patterned papers at the top and the little embellishment and journaling clusters.

18) "How to Pick the Perfect Apple": This was a two-page layout for Midnight Rooster. I love all the patterned papers along with our photos that tell a story of a fun afternoon at the apple orchard. 

19) "11 months": This was one of my first layouts for Midnight Rooster. LOVE these photos of the girls for their monthly album and the fun, bright colors of the fabric banner in the kit. This layout was also in the October issue of Scrapbook Trends.

So there you have it! Nineteen of my most favorite layouts from the past year. As I was looking through these, I gathered that I'm a lover of banners, punches, grid designs, lots of journaling, machine stitching, feminine details and KRAFT cardstock! Most importantly, I'm happy that I captured these moments of our family history that I'll be able to pass along someday. I consider all of my work to be love letters to my girls. I'll share some of my favorite cards and altered projects and mini albums throughout next week. 

Thanks for looking! :)


  1. Awesome work Jill! They are all fantastic!

  2. They are all wonderful, but I really, really love your new Christmas tree layout! :)

  3. I love everything you create! Thanks for sharing as always! You're great!

  4. Amazing layouts! I really like the grid design on your family layout. Congrats on a fantastic scrapbooking year!

  5. I love these. :)

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