Friday, August 01, 2008

FINALLY, the big day is here!

AAAAHHHH! It's Breaking Dawn day!!!! I am beyond excited for tonight! I have never been the "groupie" type but I truly feel like a Twilight saga super fan after what I did last night to "prep." We went out to get some house paint so I ran to Borders and picked up their exclusive Twilight movie calendar - my favorite month is November! - and then ran to Hot Topic and got myself THIS.

And I'm totally wearing it tonight!!!!! So there! :) My poor hubby just rolls his eyes at me but I don't care. And if you're in Des Moines and want to hang out with me, I'll be at the Borders store on University for the midnight release party! And if you're not local, I might just be on yahoo messenger if you want to chat while you're reading tonight! I also decided to spin off my blog and post my reaction to Breaking Dawn here - Twilight Saga Thoughts. If you don't want to view any spoilers, don't visit until you finish the book!

So now I need to find a way to pass the time today - I really should go to the gym to work off some of this nervous energy! I'm also wanting to read the last few chapters of Eclipse. I could work in my scrap room and I have some books to take back to the library. I'm also hoping to tune into a Twilight Series Theories podcast live from NYC where Stephenie's first book signing is tonight. And I think I'm going to church for an event tonight before I head for Border's. I'm just hoping the day flies by!

Enjoy Breaking Dawn day! You KNOW I will! :)

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  1. Have fun reading! I was that way with the Harry Potter books. I even dragged Roni to a midnight book event. (She was less than thrilled). : )

    You've intrigued me with this author. I've tried checking out her first book (or any other in the series) from our library but they are all checked out every time I go. Do you have all the copies? If so, I'd love to borrow them if you wouldn't mind loaning them out. Happy reading!


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