Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lots going on!

Life has been super busy for me lately. Glen and I are working on preparing our house for our adoption home study on the 26th. It's pretty overwhelming! Once that's over, we will be working on our scrapbook and video to show to potential birth mothers.

I had a biopsy of my small intestine last Friday to confirm whether or not I have Celiac Disease. I should know the results by the end of the week. I was pretty much out of commission Friday and Saturday.

Had a scary thing happen in my family last week - my 13-year-old cousin was one of the Boy Scouts at the camp in western Iowa. It was awful waiting to hear the news from my aunt that he was okay. I talked for over an hour with my cousin (his sister) the next day. We're the same age so we're pretty close. It was a very traumatic experience for him - the boys had to run toward the tornado to reach their storm shelter. Tyler was okay besides a scratch on his leg. The Boy Scouts were extremely brave and administered first aid to those who were hurt - doing exactly what they were supposed to. I'm so thankful he's okay!

We had a busy day yesterday doing an all-day video shoot for work. I crashed when I got from it - I was so exhausted!

Here's a couple cards using the Cupcake line from Upsy Daisy Designs and a ribbon kit from Savvy 'n Sassy. I've been itching to be creative so hopefully I'll be able to do some crafting soon.

Well, I best be doing something with my life today. I'll try to post again soon. We would appreciate your prayers for our upcoming home study!

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