Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Miss Grumpy Pants!

That's me today. I'm trying to have a better attitude because I know life could be much worse, but I've had a bad day thus far. I woke up late and with a headache and I have a sick husband. Anyone who's married should know a sick husband = a big baby. :)

Okay, so I'm running late to work but I'm in a pretty good mood so I start singing along to the radio not really paying attention. Too late, I see a cop and at the same time look at my speedometer. Crap! The cop points at me and turns on his lights. Double crap! I pull over and with shaky hands get in the glove box to get my insurance card and registration. He tells me I was going 47 in a 35. He takes my stuff and goes back to his car. At this point, I'm trying really hard not to cry. I've never had a speeding ticket before. I had a warning once when I was in college but that's it. He gives me my ticket and it's $90! As soon as the cop leaves, the tears start to fall. How traumatic! I called Glen and he's like why didn't you start crying as soon as the cop came to your door - it might have worked! I just laughed. I was more mad at myself than anything - I felt so stupid. I think it was a wake up call more than anything that I need to slow down - it was humbling moment that's for sure.

On a brighter note, I got two cards picked up for the August issue of Cards and I sold some scrap stuff on Craigslist. Too bad all that money is going to my ticket! :(

I'll post some picts tomorrow of my March Upsy Daisy Designs projects. Here's to a better day!

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  1. Sorry about your bad day...

    DO you or have you checked out Etsy to sell homemade crafts??


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