Thursday, September 13, 2007

An adoption update...

I've been busy working on some Rusty Pickle projects the past two nights after work. I'm going to wrap up one of the kits this morning and get it shipped off to them today. As much as I struggled with it, I think it turned out cute! (I hope they think so too). :) I'll post a sneak peek of it in the next day or two.

Last night, Glen and I ran to Kohl's to get some shoes for him. We earned $20 in Kohl's cash from our last shopping excursion so we needed to get it spent by yesterday. As we were driving there, we talked more about adoption. (I know I haven't mentioned it too much here but we're trying to adopt.) The last three weeks I was on hold with any paperwork because we were waiting to talk with someone with church who was hard to get a hold of. Last night, we officially decided to go through Bethany Christian Services. I'm really excited to get going on the paperwork. They are a great agency and really concerned with the well being of the birth mother, which impressed us. We went to an informational meeting this spring about working with them. We're hoping and praying that God will provide the financial means to work with them. Adoption is extremely expensive and we do not have even a fraction of what we need saved up. But, Bethany has a loan program (that we hope we qualify for) that will loan out half of the adoption costs. Then, when you get your federal tax credit back you use it to pay back the loan. We still have to come up with a boatload of money, but the loan will help. We're going to do some video work for my workplace on a contract so we're hoping to put that money directly towards our adoption expenses. I also have a friend that keeps mentioning a doing a fundraiser for us so that would be a huge blessing!

I currently work part-time and I'm sure most of you are thinking, NICE...I'm jealous! I know many people don't understand why I did it. After the three years, we have spent trying to have a baby...I (we) was stressed out. I tried very hard to eliminate any type of stress in my life during all of our fertility treatments, but my job was a huge stress in my life. Some days, I dreaded going into work. I had to be there for the health insurance. That's really the only reason I stayed there so long. Now, I LOVE my job! Of course, I have my moments (who doesn't?) but all in all, it's a great fit for me! I can work a little extra if I want to and I can mix up my schedule a bit if I need to. We're still learning to live with half an income, but God has provided for us each time we were coming up short. He's provided opportunities with Rusty Pickle and future teaching locally that will help supplement what we're making. I'm very thankful to be we're I'm at. And, I have always wanted to be home with our kids. I know I'll probably have to work somewhere at least part-time, but I'll do it. I like to work, and it keeps my skills fresh. I'm just praying the "kids" part comes along sooner rather than later! :)

Well, I best get moving on some scrap work today. Have a great Thursday! :)

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  1. Good luck with the adoption, Jill! Hope everything will work out for you! Check with you insurance companies or your employers to see if they will pay some money towards adoption! I know some companies are starting to do that (my DH's will pay $3,000 towards it!). Do you own a home? Maybe you can refinance your house and use some money from that for the adoption? I think that is what my brother did and they adopted from Korea. They now have an adorable little boy who is such a cutie! Keep us posted, ok! I will say a prayer for you and your family about that! ....Anita


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