Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finally saw Pirates's 3!

Last night, we finally went to see Pirate's of the Caribbean. It was really good, but I found myself getting confused a lot. I think I'll need to see it several times so I can catch everything that was going on. I was sooooo sad at the end (I'm a big crier at movies and most anything, actually), but we stuck around until after the credits to see the last scene. I felt a little better after that! And, I already confessed to my husband that I have a married woman's crush on Johnny Depp AND Orlando Bloom! He laughed at me! :)

Yesterday, I got a ton of cleaning done! I did things like clean out my oven and clean out a few cupboards. I'm starting to feel somewhat congested with all the dusting I have been doing. I have bad allergies to dust. Maybe if I would keep on it, it wouldn't get so bad. It's more cleaning for me today, but I'm hoping to have a crop party for myself in my scrap room later tonight. Tomorrow, I want to spend my whole day (after church) scrapbooking and getting ready for CHA.

Oh, we spontaneously went out for supper last night too! We went to Bennigan's (gotta love a coupon - I'm the coupon queen) was really good! We had a bad experience there quite a while ago and hadn't been back - they redeemed themselves!

This morning, we're going to start the day by having a Caribou Coffee caramel cooler. We discovered these on our recent trip to Minnesota and decided every Saturday morning we would get one. They're not cheap, so it's definitely not something to get all the time.

Well, I better get moving...time's a-wastin'!

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