Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Love You Sis!

I was so excited to dig into my beautiful "Hudson Valley" kit from Noel Mignon with these photos of my girls hugging each other this fall. I feel so blessed to be able to witness the two of them develop such a loving relationship toward each other. I have two sisters myself but there's something about seeing twin sisters together that is so unique - I hope they always have the type of relationship where they are best friends!

Here I layered a transparency by Hambly, banner stickers by Crate Paper and a label sticker by Mind's Eye.

I love all the alphabet stickers included in this kit - here I combined almost all of them! 

The tag, twine and "Together" sticker are by Crate Paper and the label sticker is My Mind's Eye. 

I apologize for being a little absent this past week. At my mom's circle group I go to at church, we are going through a wonderful series on motherhood and something that has been sticking in my mind this past month has been if I am "mothering generously or mothering sparingly" to my kids. Sit on that (if you will) and see if that doesn't make you question how you balance your time throughout the day?! The girls are getting to be an age where they are curious and learning so much and talking all the time. Before I know it, we will be making decisions about going to school or home schooling and I want to soak up every minute of their time and attention and sweet little minds while I can. I have been prayerfully considering how my days are spent over the past while and slowly making changes as I go. Anyway, just wanted to share where my mind has been lately. Being a mom is such a blessing and I want to give my kids the time and attention they deserve! 

Have a fabulous rest of the week! :)


  1. This is absolutely adorable! The colors in your photographs are so vibrant. What kind of camera do you use?

  2. This layout is gorgeous! I love all the stitching. Your girls are just to adorable. Seriously the most precious little angels I've ever seen!


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