Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mini Kit Winner!

The winner of the December Midnight Rooster mini kit is:

And a funny story about this...my mom actually e-mailed me and said you have to pick Laurie this month because this is something that happens to me too. I usually just pick a random winner but had to listen to my momma this month! :)

I'll be back with more soon!

 Laurie! said...

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is a silly one. Every year we go to my great aunt's house for a potluck Christmas dinner. But my mom always forgets to buy an ingredient for whatever it is she's making and she doesn't realize it until Christmas Day morning when she's trying to cook. So she sends either me or my dad out to Walgreens, one of the only places open on Christmas Day, for supplies. Every Christmas we joke, "Have you been to Walgreens yet?" Sometimes we just stop there just to say we've gone. :)
8:09 AM

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