Monday, February 01, 2010

Sneak peeks....

I have been super busy the past couple weeks working on new project kits for The Scrappy Gourmet and I decided to share some sneak peeks of one of the kits with you today. This kit will have instructions and supplies for a 2-page layout, 1-page layout and a bonus card. The projects are all pretty and shabby and use a variety of techniques for added interest and texture. I'm not quite sure when the kit will be for sale at The Scrappy Gourmet but I will definitely let you know.

My girls are 9 months old today! I can't believe we'll be planning a 1st birthday party soon. Time really does fly and I think the first year especially does because of that new parent haze. All of my time and energy is so focused on the girls that anything for me really takes a back seat to them. The girls have been teething so that makes life a little more miserable for all of us. We were up most of the night with the girls so their poor teeth must be coming through or they are just having growing pains. The girls are definitely hitting a fun age though. I love spending my days with them. We have our little routine down and we have a lot of inside "mommy and me" games we play. I enjoy being home with them so much!

My parents visited this weekend so Glen and I finally got to go on a date to celebrate my birthday. We went to Ruby Tuesday's which is one of my favorite restaurants and then hung out at Barnes and Noble for a while. I really enjoyed the time out as I think our last date was in October or November.

Well, time to feed a couple of little girls. Have a great Monday! :)


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