Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I let out an actual squeal this morning!

I'm giddy with excitement! Today during my morning visit to the Twilight Lexicon, I came upon THESE pictures!!! If you haven't gathered it by now, I am pathetically obsessed with the Twilight series - reading and re-reading the books and reading and re-reading tons of fan fiction - all in the name of waiting until August 2nd for the release of the 4th book, Breaking Dawn, and the release of the Twilight movie (as of right now in mid-December). Never in my life have I been so drawn into a series of books. If you haven't yet read these books, please do yourself a favor and READ them! So, if you're wondering what the pictures are above, they are photos of the newly cast Cullen family in all their vampire glory! Let me just say, MAJOR hotness on the part of the male Cullens and if you've come to know the characters on the intimate level that I have you would understand why I'm so excited. Photo #2 has them all looking very predatory - makes me wish I was the piece of meat they were stalking! LOL! :)
Anyway, enough teenaged-girl gushing from me today! :) Major news on the hometown front. My Exira girls' high school basketball team has made it to the state tournament! Very exciting for my little town of 1,000 people. I have the day off Monday so I'm definitely going to the game. I feel as though this win has been building since my days in high school - not that I was on the team, of course - but I was cheering them on with my fellow cheerleaders!
I've been working on some projects for Rusty Pickle the past couple days so I'll be posting them soon....one project I was especially pleased with! I just thought the Cullens deserved the glory today. HA! :)
Have a terrific Tuesday! :)

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