Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a couple cards

*** card removed for publication***
Here's a couple cards I created in the last couple of days using Rusty Pickle's French Market and School Daze lines. I think of all the Rusty Pickle products French Market has to be my absolute favorite. I love the rich colors and it matches my kitchen perfectly. I started working on a project using this line last night so when I get it wrapped up, I'll post it.

Watched American Idol last night. Some of those guys can really sing-loved the rockers, Michael Johns and David Archuleta for sure, the dreadlock guy was really awesome. Can't wait to see the girls tonight.

It's like -7 here this morning. I'm wearing a light blue button up shirt today and trying to think it's springtime. When it hits 40, I 'll think it's a heatwave. :)

Well, off to write and record my radio programs.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)


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