Monday, June 17, 2013

Webster's Pages: Father's Day cards

Good Monday morning! I hope you all had a fantastic Father's Day weekend! Today I have a trio of cards to share that I created with several of Webster's Pages new collections.

For the first card, I used Composition & Color and highlighted several great masculine elements in the collection - the planes transparency is a favorite! I also added a little knotted twine for an earthy embellishment.

I also pulled out Citrus Squeeze and cut out the BBQ so I could make a card for my grill-loving Dad! (He makes the best steaks!) 

And I even used Plum Seed (which is very feminine) but I pulled out the burgundy and teal in the collection. I love that card with the sentiment! So sweet! The transparency is from Composition & Color. Easy ways to make cards masculine? Knots instead bows, twine instead of ribbon and stars instead of flowers. 

My weekend did not exactly go as planned. We went swimming last week and I got some water in my ear. My ear was starting to hurt a lot and I thought I might have swimmer's ear but tried to deal with it on my own. I went out to visit my parents Thursday as planned and ended up getting dizzy and sick while I was there. I had a bad case of vertigo. My parents ended up persuading me to go to the doctor while I was there and discovered I had an ear infection but not swimmer's ear. So, I am now on medicine for that. I have very rarely had ear infections in my life and I have to say it has been absolutely miserable. I feel so sorry for kiddos like my nephew who have had frequent ear infections. Owie! I think the worst part was the dizziness though - made me feel really off. I thought maybe I was feeling better on Saturday but yesterday was still hurting. I'm trying a few more natural remedies to help - eucalyptus oil and acupressure points and they have given me some relief. I'm hoping today is a good day as it's supposed to be nice out through Thursday and I want to have some fun with the girls! I was very sad to miss out on a fun day of antique shopping with my sister in Walnut but I'll have to try again next year. 

Have a great day! :)


  1. Hello Blessed Scrapper!
    YOU REALLY are a blessing to all of that follow your blog. Your sweet spirit pours out of your words and your creations.
    I will say a special prayer that you are feeling good as new soon.
    Your cards are SO CUTE!! :o)

  2. Love the card with the grill on it! That is SO my dad.


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