Friday, March 22, 2013

American Crafts: My Girl Projects

Happy Friday! So much has happened within the last two weeks (when I last blogged) that I am finally getting a chance to catch up on here. I'll share a little bit about it all at the end of this post. Today I have a couple of projects to share that were on the American Crafts blog. I love the new "My Girl" collection. The colors and patterns are so pretty, pastel and girly. I was inspired to create a collage of detail photos from the girls' birthday party last year.

Love that sweet little rosette with the glitter strips. 

I also created a card with the new collection and did a little stamping and heat embossing. I rounded the corners to keep everything soft with the butterfly. 

Last Wednesday morning I went to the gym as usual and about 10 minutes into class, I injured my calf. I hobbled out of there (fighting back tears until I got to my car) and managed to drive myself home. Glen had taken the day off to work on taxes (which he never got to do) and my mother-in-law was watching the girls. We went to urgent care where the doctor thought it was a tendon and was able to get into see an orthopedic surgeon right away. He determined that I tore my calf muscle and I was given a boot and crutches. I went back to the doctor on Wednesday and have to keep my boot on for another week and then start physical therapy. I have been pretty frustrated with the situation as I am not used to sitting around doing nothing. The first three days or so I kept off my feet as much as I could. The girls have been a great help and so has my wonderful husband. I haven't been able to drive either so that has been difficult. But I know that things could be much worse so I am thankful for that.

Also on Wednesday night, my Grandpa Gene passed away. He had been in poor health but it was still unexpected and shocking. I have been so, so sad and have also been grieving my grandma all over again too (she died 4 years ago). So, I have also been out of town to be with my family. My Grandpa was the kindest, gentlest, sweetest man I have known. The girls loved their "Papa Gene" so much and he adored them. This has been our first experience talking to the girls about what it means to die and go to heaven with Jesus. The two of them are just so smart and intuitive and have said the sweetest things that have made us all smile.

That's where I have been the past two weeks. I also wanted to thank you for your comments about my post on sugar. I have managed to do pretty well while I have not been able to exercise. The key has been to have healthy food choices around me. We have been eating out (actually having take-out) more often the past two weeks but I am still eating better and having a lot of salads and soups.

Have a great weekend!


  1. SO pretty!! I am loving all of the pictures you incorporated on your layout!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa and the boot!! Hope this a great week for you!! :)

  3. sorry to hear about your grandfather.
    I DO love your sweet creations!

  4. I am so sorry about your grandpa. When my mom died I got so sad and I felt like I was grieving for both my mom and dad (who [passed a few years before). It was so much worse with them both gone. It does get better but it does take time.


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