Thursday, December 27, 2012

American Crafts: New Year's Eve Count Down Bags

Good morning! Today I have a quick and easy tutorial to share with you for New Year's Eve Count down Bags that I made for the American Crafts blog. Our New Year's Eve celebrations have certainly changed over the years and now we celebrate at home with our family.

I love the pretty, glittery gold in the 5th & Frolic collection and was inspired by it to create a set of New Year's countdown bags to ring in the new year with my family! Inside each bag is a tag with a family friendly activity such as playing a board game together, lighting a fire and drinking hot chocolate, etc. The larger paper bags could also hold a treat or little gifts. A sprinkle of confetti is also in each bag. Depending on the ages of your children, you could start the countdown earlier in the day and adjust the number of bags you use accordingly.

1) Cut a piece of patterned paper to fit the front of a glassine or paper bag. Cut a strip of gold polka dot vellum and adhere it to the top of the bag. Cut 3-5 pieces of the stitched triangle or scallop banner Flutterbys and adhere them below the patterned paper. 

2) Cut out a Polaroid from patterned paper and edge it with gold ink. Add Thickers numbers to the Polaroid then adhere it to the bag with foam adhesive. 

3) Punch confetti from patterned paper and cardstock. 

4) Add sequins to the confetti pile (a little confetti goes a long way!). 

5) Place the confetti in the bag. Add patterned paper or cardstock to a tag with removable adhesive (this way you can reuse the tags on another project). Add a family activity to the tag. Tie ribbon in bow on top.

6) Place the tag in the bag and fold the top over. Punch two holes through the top of the bag and tie ribbon through in a bow. 

Thanks for stopping by today! See you tomorrow! :)


  1. these are SO totally fun!

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