Monday, May 02, 2011

Two Little Girls at Two!

My sweet little girls turned two yesterday! Birthdays are so very bittersweet. On one hand, it makes a mama proud to see how big your little girls are and on the hand, it breaks a mama's heart! We celebrated with our family on Saturday and then had a relaxing day together Sunday. I'll try to share some party pictures later this week. I had so much fun creating a lot of their party decorations and making their cake. We had a vintage little girl theme (with a few "Cars" (the movie) accents thrown in). Here are some fun facts about the girls at two:

  • Love to play! They love playing with each other and independently. Favorite toys include: cars, their babies, Woofie, Clifford, their playhouse, and play food.
  • Love to read! They love reading books with mom, dad and others. I often catch them just looking through books on their own as well.
  • Are exactly the same height = 34". 
  • Love to eat! They are still my chunky monkeys! They love popcorn, Cheetos, ice cream, Grandma's cookies, grapes, yogurt, french fries, bananas and more!
  • Still have food allergies (as far as we know). They are both allergic to wheat, eggs and peanuts. We get a re-check the beginning of June. Their food allergies make for interesting cooking on my part. 
  • Love to be outside! Whether that means playing with a ball, swinging, going down the slide, going for a stroller or wagon ride, or playing with sidewalk chalk. (And pretty soon that list will include swimming and playing in the sand box!)
  • Love babies! I often catch them wrapping up their baby dolls and rocking them. They feed them as well. And watch out "real" babies....because if you are around the girls, you'll most likely have one or two of them right in your face. :)
  • Love the movie Cars! Other favorites are the Aristocats and Beauty & the Beast. They also love watching Clifford, Curious George and Angelina Ballerina. 
  • Are talking more and more each day. Frequently heard words are: Sis, George (as in Curious), church, juice, shoes, socks, pants, shirt, cookie, ga (works for grandpa or grandma), and baby. They know most animal sounds and are pointing as we count for them.
  • Love music! We might have musical girls on our hands. For Christmas, we got them a drum, tambourine, whistle and harmonica and are treated to frequent concerts! :) They also love playing the piano. 
  • Have been going to Tiny Tumblers at the YMCA. We had to come up with something to release extra energy! 

  • Is the bigger sister by two pounds.
  • Is our little drama queen.
  • Likes to pick on her little sister (she's one minute older). 
  • Makes the funniest expressions.
  • Is a great snuggler!  
  • Is a little more hesitant to leave mom and dad. 

  • Is extremely tender-hearted and affectionate. She's always giving hugs and kisses.
  • Is a great fake whiner! :)
  • Seems to be the girly girl - she loves getting dressed up and putting barrettes in her hair.
  • Doesn't know a stranger.
  • Loves to play in the church nursery. 
  • Likes to sing little made-up songs (La-la-la, da-la, etc.)
And that's a glimpse of my babies at two! As I'm writing this post, I'm listening to the two of them throw what sounds like a wild party in their room. (They are supposed to be sleeping!) :) Ha! Love those two!

More soon! 


  1. Too adorable! Happy birthday to them!!

  2. Aww!! Happy Birthday to the girlies! :) They are SO cute!! You truly are blessed!!


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