Friday, July 24, 2009

Sleep, sleep, GLORIOUS sleep!

The girls are finally starting to sleep longer at night which is a huge blessing for two very tired parents (especially the mama who is usually the one up with them). Last night, we put the girls to bed by 9:00 and I think that made a world of difference. Before that, they were being very fussy at night for about 2 hours before they went to bed. It was IMPOSSIBLE to do anything as both of us were needed to walk around and rock the girls. I had hoped to get a night with a couple hours to myself but that didn't happen. I'm hoping for it next week and maybe some time on Saturday. Glen and I have found if we have a major project we want to work on a Saturday that we need to split the day in shifts. It makes things so much more manageable.

Parenting is such trial and error, isn't it? You can read up, talk to other parents for advice, but when it all comes down to have to do what works best for you. I am very thankful for all the great help we have. I try not to be Super Mom and do it all myself. It's definitely very humbling to say "Yes, I need you. When can you come over?" I had a really bad day on Wednesday. Starting at 5:00 a.m. both girls were hungry at EXACTLY the same time at EVERY feeding ALL day long. Nora and Lily also apparently had a discussion and decided that taking a shower was a luxury their mama would not have until daddy came home at 6:00. Looking back, it was all somewhat comical. Around 4:00 or so, I got the girls all set up in the hallway to the bathroom in their swing and vibrating chair, stripped down, started the shower and all heck broke loose! I threw on my robe and stayed in my robe until 6:00. When Glen got home, I took an extra long shower just because I could! :) And then the girls were fussy that night on top of it. I had Glen call his mom to come over in the morning, and I woke up with the attitude that today was a brand new day. And we had a much better day! I'm sure we will have rough days to come but it was a good learning experience for me. My attitude is definitely a choice!

Today, I thought I would share a photo of the girls' first 4th of July. We celebrated in my hometown. I was very bummed that we couldn't go to the parade because of the drizzle and cold but we did get to go uptown and walk around a little bit. We even missed the fireworks because it was so cold and mama was tired. But, I couldn't resist taking some photos of the girls in their super cute festive outfits! :)

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  1. They are Soooo cute, Jill! Don't you feel like biting them from time to time?" :D xox Julia Saddi from Brazil


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