Friday, May 23, 2008

Paper Posies, Part 2

Here are the rest of my projects using Paper Posies May kit. This was such a fun kit to work with! I'm excited to work with the June kit this weekend - it's full of Pink Paislee and K & Company.'s been a busy week on TV! I was soooo happy David Cook won American Idol!!!! I really thought David A. would win it because of the way seasons have gone in the past. This time I think America really got it right. David C. was so much more polished and professional and completely original. So thrilled for him! I was crying when he was singing his last song. I was also happy that Kristi Y. won Dancing with the Stars. She was sooo good the whole season. I watched some of So You Think You Can Dance last night. Love that show! We went to see their tour in Minneapolis last year and it was fabulous. This is a show I look forward to every summer. The other show I'm planning on watching is The Bachelorette. I think the last show I'll need to watch is Lost but we'll be gone so it will have to be when we get back.

I've been super busy at work. In fact, I'm heading there shortly. I have to do two weeks of radio programs for when we're in Florida (which is why I'm working extra). Isn't it crazy how hard we work to go on vacation? And I'm not just talking about work, but at home too. I always like to have the laundry done up and the entire house clean so I can come home to a clean house.

This weekend will be very crazy for us as well. Tonight I'm going to crop til I drop by myself and hopefully be very productive. Saturday (and this is very newsworthy for me) we have the first part of our adoption home study at 10 a.m. It's at the adoption agency so nothing at our house yet. It's only supposed to take an hour so it shouldn't be too bad. We're excited to get things moving. Saturday afternoon and evening we have a wedding in Ottumwa so that will take most of the days since it's a 2 hour drive there. Sunday I'm working in the church nursery and then my youngest sister is coming to stay overnight and help me clean for the home study. She's broke so I'm hiring her to help me. I'm also hoping she'll go swimsuit shopping with me. I also have take meals to 2 different families on Sunday that just had babies so I'll be busy cooking.

Well, I better get my day started. I'll probably blog one or two more times before we leave next Thursday. Enjoy your holiday weekend! :)

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